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Middlesboro, Kentucky

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Terms & Conditions

1. The Middlesboro Country Club and its officers/representatives and/or members shall not be liable
for any and all accidents or injuries within the building or outside of the building.
2. The Middlesboro Country Club and its officers/representatives and/or members are not responsible
for any stolen or lost articles.
3. No club property can be removed from the premises at any time. The facilities are to be used with great
care and respect.
4. Music is to cease playing at midnight and the premises must be vacated no later than 1:00am. No exceptions.
5. Decorating and setup are to be done no sooner than Friday afternoon prior to the event. No open flamed candles,
confetti, glitter, or birdseed is allowed. Please do not use thumbtacks, tape or nails on any painted surface. Please no food or drink on the dance floor.
6. There will be a representative from the Middlesboro Country Club on duty to ensure proper conduct during the event.
7. The party signing this agreement is responsible for and must reimburse all damages. The signee must also be present at the event for its entirety.
8. All Middlesboro Country Club rentals are subject to board approval.
9. All Professional DJ services are to be provided by Rhythm Source Productions. This is Middlesboro Country Club’s contracted professional DJ.

1. A deposit of $200 will be required to reserve the facility.
2. One signed copy of this contract must be returned with the required deposit within 10 days of receiving
the contract. Please mail deposit and signed contract to: Middlesboro Country Club, P.O. Box 2336, Middlesboro,
KY 40965. Please make check payable to the “Middlesboro Country Club”.
3. The final balance is due in full before decorating can be allowed. The Middlesboro Country Club accepts cash, credit card or local checks for payment.
4. A fee of $25.00 will be charged for non-sufficient funds.