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 Birthday letdown

Review by johnniee on 8/10/12 4:08 PM

So Is that our fault? What have you done to right the wrong? You take reservations while knowing you donot have a qualified captain. What kind of business practice are you running. You state " Sorry for the lack of communication." people stay away from this business! WARNING: The writing is on the wall: Read the reviews and the apology to the incident. "I'm sorry for the lack of communication?" Goes to show how " DEEP" they are when it comes to taking care of customers..... Wasted a Trip to Mccall, sons birthday letdown, gas, lodging, anticipation, the list goes on.


Review by atrain on 7/22/12 2:03 PM

Sorry about your experience. Unfortunately, we have been unable to find a qualified captain for our boat this year. Sorry about the lack of communication. Our captain should be arriving shortly and we will be up and running soon!

 Paiasail Company NO-SHOW for Birthday!

Review by yankee Doodole on 7/15/12 7:20 AM

Made on online Reservation for my 10 year old sons birthday. We scheduled the event about two months out to be sure we would be well prepaired. I included my wife myself and my 9 year old Daughter. I recieved an online confirmation. About two weeks out, I fiquered I would call and double check my reservation just to make sure everything was a OK. After all it was my sons birthday present and we were making a special trip from boise to mccall for this event. After talking to the owner on the phone he asked me " did you make a reservation?" I said, Yes, He then said, Oh, OK, You are good to go, I'll call you if anything comes up.The Parasail website has the Yaht Club for the address. Finally after getting to mccall and arriving at the yaht club 30 minutes early. We looked around and found NO Parasail outfit. All the offices in the yaht club were closed. I found one office opened and inquired with a gentleman named Seth.. an owner of a boat tour business. I explained to him my situation and said I was looking for the Parasail outfit. He said, he has never seen the business before and they haven't operated from the Yaht club in years? He gave me the owners name and phone# of the parasailing business "Nathan" so I called and left a message , We are at the Yaht club at the lake waiting? Never recieved a phone call back, Horrible business practice. Donot, use Parasail mccall, They ruined and screwed my sons birthday. To this day I havent heard from them.

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