Reviews for Martin Rv Rentals

Lititz, Pennsylvania

 Renter Beware

Review by TJM on 11/6/17 4:35 PM

We rented from Martins rental and many things were not as described or not working. Two of the beds were not usable and the stove fan did not work so it was tough to do much cooking without smelling our food the rest of the day. The water was not filled so we ran out of water. We had the RV parked for 3 days at the farm complex and were depending on the shower and the ability to cook. We went and bought a piece of wood so another bed was usable. We returned the camper to the rental lot and it had a flat tire. Based on the maintenance of the RV we were not shocked that the tire was old and were relieved we got it back to the lot before it went. Martins did not refund any money for the inadequacies of the trailer and yes you guessed it....charged us, or should I say overcharged us, for the old tire so he could get a nice new one. I gave him a chance to make it right but he chose to keep our money and some of our deposit for a camper that was not as described. I would not take my chance with this one again! Next year we will look elsewhere.