Makati Condo for Rent

Makati, Philippines

1 Bedroom Modern & Luxurious Condo in Makati

About Makati Condo for Rent

Perched above it all, this true in-city unit features a fully equipped kitchenette, modern audio/visual amenities, cable wifi, secured entry, two communal pool decks, restaurants, and fitness center. Elegance, security, privacy and sophistication combined. Within a few minutes' walk of Makati's coveted dining, shopping and entertainment district, this small but exquisite condo feels likes home. Fabulous layout with the right spaces – relax or cozy up with your companion in the living room, try your hand cooking local delicacies in the well equipped kitchen, or rest from your busy day in the inviting bedroom. Southeast facing balcony and windows give a bird’s eye view of the Philippines busiest city. Stroll next door to the new Century Mall or pamper yourself at Antel Spa. Enjoy Makati city as it was meant to be enjoyed.


1 Bedroom Modern & Luxurious Condo in Makati

1 Bedroom Modern & Luxurious Condo in Makati

Makati Condo for Rent

Makati Condo for Rent


Makati Condo for Rent

1 bedroom Condo in the Heart of Makati's dining and entertainment district. Price is all inclusive of wifi, electricty and basic housekeeping.

Makati Condo for Rent Features

The location is 7829 Makati Avenue, about 500 yards past the intersection of Kalyaan and Makati Avenue. Once you pass Kalyaan, you will take a left a few yards past the Mercury Drug store.

This Makati Condotel is in the heart of the Makati Dining and Entertainment District, which has a little bit of everything depending on your preference. Many fine dining or fast food is available. A list of restaurants and their phone numbers are available in the unit in case you would like your meal delivered to your door. For original Filipino food and awesome music performed by your waiter/waitress, I highly recommend Barrio Fiesta, which is located to the left about 50 yards outside the entrance to A. Venue Suites. You will be located 30 seconds walk to the hottest and highest Night Club in all Manila, Club 71 Gramercy. Club 71 is located on the rooftop of the Gramercy building next door and has been labeled as a "Party in the Sky" with breathtaking views from the 71st floor. Please look them up on the web for more info and their dress code.

Getting There
Nearest airport: Ninoy Aquino International Airport, 5 miles
Nearest train station: Glorietta Mall LRT, 2 miles
Car is not necessary

Terms & Conditions


These rules and regulations are a binding part of your rental agreement. A violation of any of these rules may be considered a failure to honor your rental obligations, and consequently, you may be considered in default and subject to eviction and/or legal action under the rental agreement and the law. The rental agreement and house rules are also located with my online listing, and your booking payment served as your agreement to the terms and conditions listed below.

1. RENTAL PAYMENT - Rent is due at the time of booking. If you booked through one of my vacation rental listings, then the website has held your payment, which will automatically be sent to the owner 1 day after your check in. Security deposits will be charged back to your payment method from the website company you booked through within 48 hrs of your checkout. Be advised, the caretaker does not handle any monetary transactions of the rental.

2. NUMBER OF GUESTS – The maximum number of overnight occupants of the condo is strictly limited to 4 people. Security does keep a watchful eye and enforces this policy rather strictly. If more than 4 occupants remain overnight in the unit, the tenant may be asked to vacate the premises and forfeit their rent due to breach of contract.

3. CLEANLINESS/HOUSEKEEPING – Limited housekeeping is provided with the rent of this unit, but the owner/caretaker shall also provide the tenant all amenities in which to maintain additional cleanliness of the unit. Housekeeping is now included 6 days a week. My caretaker will conduct the housekeeping Monday - Saturday anytime between 1000am and Noon. If you prefer a specific time, please discuss with her upon arrival. Housekeeping only includes cleaning of the unit, vacuuming, dusting, dishes, and once a week linen and towel exchange. Guest personal laundry is not included, but a washer/dryer is available in the unit for personal use.

4. HOLD HARMLESS CLAUSE - By booking this property, the guest acknowledges and understands that each and every guest or guardian is solely responsible for any property damage, accident, injury or loss sustained to any person while in residence and neither the Agent nor the owner accepts legal or financial responsibility. Guests and guardians assume all risk of injury or other loss resulting from a recreational activity within the premises and will hold the Agent, Owner, and A. Venue property staff harmless with respect hereto. Guests hereby agrees to indemnify and hold A. Venue, employees, officers and/or the property owner harmless from any claim, including those of third parties, arising out of or in any way a result of the guests use of the premises or items therein.

The Agent, Owner, or Property Staff cannot be held responsible for: The failing of any other company due to said company’s error or service interruption (i.e. electricity, water, gas, satellite, cable etc). Acts of neighbors such as: Construction, road repair, and maintenance or act of God (weather, natural disaster, etc.). However, Agents agree to do all that is humanly possible to remedy any issue as quickly as possible. Agents reserve the right to enter property at any time to investigate disturbances, check occupancy, check damages, and make repairs, alterations and improvements.

5. PARTIES AND EXCESSIVE NOISE - The A. Venue Staff will vigorously enforce all rental provisions with regard to excessive noise and parties. Keep in mind that many families call A. Venue Residences their home and enjoy peace and quiet after a hectic work day. You are bound by your rental agreement to be responsible for the behavior of your guests and to respect the rights of other tenants in the building. You may not have a party where there are more than 6 people, all parties must be within your apartment, and not spill out into the hallways and/or common areas. Again, you are responsible for the behavior of yourselves and your guests. If a party is too big, uncontrollable, or disturbing to others, the front desk personnel or building management may contact the local police who may cite you and impose a stiff fine for disturbing the peace.

Likewise, if you find that you are disturbed or bothered by the behavior of other tenants and you have failed in your attempts to remedy the situation personally, please contact management and/or the police after allowing the staff to address the situation. All complaints made to management will be held confidentially.

6. ILLEGAL USE OF PREMISES - All residents agree not to engage in or permit unlawful activities in any area of the building or assigned unit. This includes underage drinking, and illegal drug related activities in the apartment, hallways, common areas or grounds.

7. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES IN COMMON AREAS - Alcoholic beverages should be consumed within the unit and shall not be consumed in the hallways, elevators, and other common areas. Many school age children make A. Venue Residences their home and we want to provide the best example.

8. GARBAGE – Please dispose of all trash properly in the staging area just past the elevator, on the room to the right. Do not leave trash in the hallways.

9. LITTERING - Residents and guests shall not litter the common areas or grounds of the complex. Personal property (bicycles, strollers, etc.) may not be left in the hallways or chained to railings, etc. Such items may be considered abandoned and disposed of by the management.

10. BALCONIES - Residents shall not store garbage on their balcony. Residents shall not hang laundry outside. The balcony must be kept neat and clean. Due to the small nature of the balcony and the height of the building, children are prohibited from using the balcony for safety reasons.

11. SERVICE REQUESTS - All service and maintenance requests will be handled as promptly as possible. Please call the caretaker at the number that was provided to you with any concerns that may jeopardize the safety of the occupants or damage to the property.

12. KEYS - Lost keys will be replaced at a cost of $20.00 each. If you get locked out of your apartment, please contact the caretaker so she can have the staff help you enter the apartment.

13. LAUNDRY – A washer/dryer combo is located in the kitchen. All linens and towels have been thoroughly cleaned prior to your arrival. Please refrain from using the linen and towels for other than their intended purpose. Guests may be charged for linen/towels that are ruined by other than normal wear and tear. Guests shall remain in the apartment during the wash cycle in the unlikely event that there is a leak or a hose ruptures.

14. PARKING – Parking is NOT INCLUDED in this rental agreement. If you need parking, there are 2 options available to you:

Open pay parking (In front of A Venue)
40.00 PHP for the first 3 hrs.
10.00 PHP for each hour after the first 3.
If you park your car there and go past 2am, they will charge you a 500.00 PHP overnight charge. If you park from 6pm and leave before 2 am, that is only 40.00 PHP for the whole time.

Parking inside the A Venue Building:
100.00 PHP for the first 3 hrs.
40.00 PHP for each hour after the first 3.

15. SMOKE DETECTORS - All smoke detectors have been checked to insure that they are working when a tenancy begins. Residents agree to notify management in the event there is any problem with either the smoke detector, and/or emergency lighting/smoke detectors in the common hallway. In the event that we find a smoke detector vandalized, or removed, the tenant will be charged $50.00 plus the cost of materials for putting the smoke detector back into working order. Smoke detectors and other fire safety equipment are provided for your safety as well as the safety of others. We reserve the right to prosecute to the full extent of the law in the event you or your guests vandalize any fire safety equipment. We reserve the right to check your smoke detector when performing other maintenance in your apartment or at other times during your tenancy and should the detector be found to be not working properly, it will be repaired at the cost of the guest.

16. SWIMMING POOL - The swimming pool is located at the 4th level of A.Venue Tower. Open from 7:30 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. All guests are required to abide by the rules posted in the pool area.

17. PET POLICY - There are no pets allowed at A. Venue Residences, Unit 22-K. Any animal found in either the common hallways, or on the grounds are subject to immediate removal by a member of the staff. Any animals found will be turned over to the town or an animal shelter. An animal will not be returned to any resident, nor any neighbor. In the event that we become aware for any reason of an animal living in an apartment, the tenants shall receive additional charges for cleaning in the amount of $125.00 USD.

18. SALES & SOLICITING - All sales and soliciting are strictly prohibited on A. Venue Residences property.

19. DAMAGE TO THE APARTMENT/COMMON AREAS - Tenants will be strictly held responsible for damages in the apartment and to the common areas caused by negligence. You are also responsible for damage done by your guests. A written bill or deduction from your security deposit will be made shortly after the damage is noticed and payment is expected promptly upon receipt. Further, maintenance that is required beyond usual wear and tear will be charged to the tenants (this includes toilet back-ups because of improper use, holes in the walls, etc.).

20. MOVE OUT PRIOR TO THE EXPIRATION OF RENTAL AGREEMENT – Early departures does not release either the individual or other tenants of the contract. Refunds will not normally be given for early departures.

21. SECURITY DEPOSIT REFUNDS - Apartment will be inspected for damages and/or excessive uncleanliness shortly after the tenants vacate the apartment. Security Deposit refunds will be made automatically within 48 hrs of checkout for those using online booking. In no event will we issue separate checks or cash.

22. EXTENSIONS OF STAY – Guests requesting to stay beyond their initial reservation dates must get written approval by the owner and make payment prior to the extension becoming effective. Since other guests may already have booked their reservation during the period you are requesting, an extension may not be authorized and you will be required to vacate according to the original rental agreement.

23. PROPER USE OF LINENS - For health purposes, guests shall ensure the provided sheets are placed on the mattress and sofa bed prior to being used for sleeping. In the event of damaged linens due to bodily fluids, such as blood, please double bag and throw away the linen. It is the guests’ responsibility to replace any linen that is unserviceable due to damage by bodily fluids.

24. SUGGESTIONS - We welcome all constructive criticism of any policy we may have, and welcome your suggestions for improving the overall quality of living at A. Venue Residences, Unit 22-K.

25. FRONT DESK STAFF – The front desk staff is solely responsible for assisting guests within the hotel portion of the building (Floors 1-21). If you need any assistance, please contact my caretaker at the number that was provided to you.

26. CHANGES TO RULES AND REGULATIONS - The Agent, Owner, or A. Venue Staff reserves the right to change and/or amend these rules and regulations. Tenants will be advised of the changes or amendments in writing prior to them taking affect.