Reviews for Corteza del Sol Jaco

Jaco, Costa Rica

 Not So Good Experience

Review by Steve on 5/17/16 6:52 PM

We stayed at Corteza del Sol on a recent trip to Costa Rica. The apartments are beautiful, the grounds were well kept, and the place looks really nice. There was one major set back - there was one apartment where the stench of marijuana smoke poured out. A slender man would walk in and out of the apartment and when the door was opened the smell would drown us out at the pool and we had to go and use the pool on the other side of the complex. We were not even in the same building as this person but we smelled the smoke several times a day during our stay. There were not that many people there while we were there but I do not think we will go back and I do not recommend staying at a place like this. It looks really bad on all of the people that live there or stay there. We were told Jaco was like a party town but we did not expect to be smoked out of the pool on multiple occasions.