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 Malinche 37A Penthousr

Review by Dave & Janice on 5/18/18 2:25 PM

Stayed one week in the Malinche 37A penthouse. The views were simply amazing! The condo itself was large and well decorated, and had ample space both inside and on the outdoor deck for our group. A few minor issues were quickly resolved by Jimmy at LEP. A major reason for us staying there was access to the Beach Club and it’s ammenities - simply stunning! And free shuttle to/from our room to the beach club was even nicer. One small but unexpected detail was the $100 additional cost from Reserva Conchal to be able to charge food and services to the condo. The fee was not required, but necessary if you didn’t want to carry around your credit cards, and gave you a 25% discount at the restaurants. Well worth it but still unexpected. We would highly recommend this condo! Pura Vida!

 Casa Stuart/Copacabana: nice but not as expected

Review by LAS on 4/25/18 11:32 AM

We rented Casa Stuart/Copacabana in Potrero right on the beach. We picked the house because we had 3 generations and wanted easy, flat access to the beach and many houses are on cliffs or require a walk to get to a reasonable beach. The house was generally clean but much more worn than the old (not current) pictures represented. The TV in the living room, hot water faucet in one bedroom, several fans and lights, and one of the washers didn't work. They did fix the washer and dryer while we were there but the other items are apparently awaiting parts from the owner and have been for several months (these were not recently broken items). The upstairs bedrooms are also a ridiculous configuration (also not disclosed). The master was accessible from inside the house but up a very narrow, steep spiral staircase (not safe for kids or older adults). To get to the other 2 bedrooms, you had to go into the courtyard, up different staircases, and use a key. So you were locked into your room and out of the house unless you had a set of keys (only 2 sets provided). LEP was unresponsive to the concerns after our rental. I guess they got their money and don't care anymore. Everything LEP recommended to us was also way over priced. Use Mytanfeet blog instead--it's great.

 Casa Stuart/Copacabana: nice but not as expected

Review by LAS on 4/25/18 11:31 AM

We rented Casa Stuart/Copacabana in Potrero right on the beach. We picked the house because we had 3 generations and wanted easy, flat access to the beach and many houses are on cliffs or require a walk to get to a reasonable beach. The house was generally clean but much more worn than the old (not current) pictures represented. The TV in the living room, hot water faucet in one bedroom, several fans and lights, and one of the washers didn't work. They did fix the washer and dryer while we were there but the other items are apparently awaiting parts from the owner and have been for several months (these were not recently broken items). The upstairs bedrooms are also a ridiculous configuration (also not disclosed). The master was accessible from inside the house but up a very narrow, steep spiral staircase (not safe for kids or older adults). To get to the other 2 bedrooms, you had to go into the courtyard, up different staircases, and use a key. So you were locked into your room and out of the house unless you had a set of keys (only 2 sets provided). LEP was unresponsive to the concerns after our rental. I guess they got their money and don't care anymore. Everything LEP recommended to us was also way over priced. Use Mytanfeet blog instead--it's great.

 Costrica reveiw

Review by Cb on 3/16/18 1:21 AM

The property is beautiful and amazing the staff is awesome . the condo its self was just great. The few problems i had was with the process of booking. Instead of an up yo date app where you just enter your info and send it. They have a sort of out of date way of sending emails with long and confusing attachments which my email had a hard time filling out. This whole process could be streamlined . and then paying was kinda confusing process as well as buying grocieres from them. I think they have a super friendly stsff just behind the times on their processes and could use some updates.

 Siete Palmas is a piece of paradise!

Review by Toots on 12/19/17 1:57 PM

Siete Palmas (Seven Palms) is a newly renovated vacation property mere steps from Potrero Beach. The view of the ocean from the upstairs living room is exquisite and mesmerizing. I would recommend this property to any snowbird looking to feather their nest for the winter season. It has privacy, great amenities and the price is right. Restaurants and grocery stores are within walking distance. We have been to Costa Rica many times and enjoyed this property thoroughly.

 Perfect escape on the beach

Review by Siete Palmas on 11/27/17 7:22 AM

Heading back for my third stay here. I could spend forever looking at the view of the beach from the living room or covered porch. Close enough to feel the salt breezes and hear the waves. Recently renovated and nicely appointed it is exactly how one should spend their beach vacation...on the beach. Highly recommend Siete Palmas for a weeks escape or an entire season.

 Casa de Suenos

Review by trebrat on 10/20/17 6:57 PM

This rental is in a beautiful location and is well equipped, however, there are several issues of much concern. The staff is adequate but not as helpful as one would expect. There are two dogs on the property, which is fine, except they jump up on you constantly while walking from the house to the beach. There is also plenty of dog feces in the grass areas that makes these areas essentially unusable. The switches to the lights on the back porch are clearly faulty. You cannot turn on or off the lights unless you want to get a good shock. The gas grill was a nice feature, however we ran out of gas the first night. We tried to find the gentleman who lives in the apartment that is under the pool, however he was not to be found. We were fortunate in finding another one the following day setting on the side of the house to use for the rest of the week. However, this was after we had to abandon our meal that first night. The common area on the first floor has no air conditioning. We were there in August and it made this area essentially not useable. The three bedrooms on the first floor each have individual wall mounted units which work fine, but can be difficult to adjust. The biggest concern is the way we were taken advantage of. There is sound equipment, which is not at all secured to the wall. There are two units, one on the first floor in the living room and one in the common area down stairs by the pool table. These are iPad units that are used to control the system. The one upstairs completely fell out of the wall the first time I used it. Thank goodness that I was able to catch it before it crashed to the floor. The second unit down stairs was not as lucky. My daughter was changing the channel on the unit when it fell off the wall and broke. There was no misuse of the unit, it simply is not mounted correctly. While I was more than willing to accept responsibility and pay a fair portion, I was charged $1300 for this unit. Yes, $1300 for an iPad. This was done without any discussion with me prior to charges on my card. We are currently fighting these charges. We made the best of the vacation while there and we all had a wonderful time despite some of the issues with the house. Unfortunately, the ridiculousness of being taken advantage of after the trip has really put a sour taste in our mouths for this unit and LEP in general.


Review by Patty on 3/11/17 3:48 AM

Professional...this is the word that comes to mind when I think of LEP. We have been coming to CR for 7 years now. This year, our stay was flawless. Ellen, from LEP, was so prompt in responding to our requests and needs. Everything was spelled out, no hidden charges, and they are ever so kind and helpful. The property manager, Max, was the best we have ever had. He was quick to respond to us, and did all he could to make our 2 month stay enjoyable. Between these two, I hope we can continue to always work with them. It was sheer AWESOMENESS!!!

 Costa Rica stay

Review by Dmc on 1/1/17 6:31 PM

Dealing with Ellen at LEP was the worst experience I have ever had renting. I rented a house for the Christmas week in Costa Rica for our family in April of 2016. In September of 2016 I decided to add another 3 days to our stay and called Ellen to see if the house was available for the additional days before changing my family's airline reservations. She assured me that it was vacant and available so we changed our air travel at a cost of 250 per ticket. When I called Ellen the same day to reconfirmed she then told me that her boss had overrode her and that I could not have the unit for the additional days.....I asked to talk to her boss and she was not available and Ellen said that she would talk to her. I called the next day and Ellen said she had spoken to her manager and since it was their mistake we now could have the house for the whole 10 day stay. I did not hear from Ellen again until 1 and 1/2 week before our departure. At that time we called to confirm our pick up from the airport. Ellen emailed me that her manager had again overrode her decision and that we did not have the unit for the last 3 days of our vacation. Ellen promised to find us another unit but was unable to. At this point we had nowhere to stay for the last 3 days due to the fact that this was the Christmas season and their busiest time....nothing was available at last minute. I finally was able to find something but for a lot more thien the 600 I was paying a night through LEP. Since I had paid LEP in advance it was not possible to get my money back. Ellen also has promised to rent a car for us.....she emailed the day before we were to leave to let us know that she was also unable to get us one. i would not deal with this company. I found them to be incompetent, unreliable and dishonest.

 Casa de Alegria

Review by Valeria et Esteban  on 8/28/16 6:56 PM

We can't say enough about our trip to Costa Rica and our stay at Casa de Alegria on Playa Flamingo. This was our second time traveling there and this time we brought the kids. We enjoyed non stop paradise. The views of the bay and beach are the biggest draw for us. Relax with a cocktail on one of the several spacious verandas while listening to the surf below. You are mere steps from a fantastic infinity pool, hot tub and stairs right to the pristine beach. Have your vacation any way you'd like. If you're looking for adventure, there are plenty of opportunities for excursions, whether it be snorkeling, boat tours, zip lining or great restaurants nearby. Or, dine at home in a gourmet kitchen and outdoor grill. There are many beautiful plants, birds and wildlife to be found right on your doorstep. Just an hour from the Liberia airport. Rent a car or get picked up. The citizens are gracious and most speak English.

 Beware of unethical practices

Review by Condo Owner on 8/23/16 8:36 PM

I would have put a rating of 0 if it had been an option. The owner of this company has cheated me out of a couple thousand dollars. She was the real estate agent for the seller of the condo I bought. We had a signed offer and I prepaid for another condo and travel expenses to go to Costa Rica to close (needed a place to stay until closing). 4 hours before heading to the airport I saw an email sent earlier that day stating "they weren't able to close". The unnecessary trip cost me a couple thousand dollars. I originally said it was ok to have pre-scheduled renters for early August 2016. But that was only under the condition we closed on time. When I requested they place the renters elsewhere considering her client was in breach of contract, she refused. I was denied access to my own condo that I ultimately was able to close on weeks later. The renters left a mess, and this company not only failed to clean the condo following the renters departure, they also failed to give me the key in a timely manner preventing access to my own condo, they also charged me $400 for an "AC problem" that only cost $200 to fix. She also said she'd be more than happy to have her AC guy replace the unit for $900 that he claims was beyond repair. My AC guy fixed it for $200 which means her "AC guy" lied. This owner is unethical and has refused to pay me what she owes me.

 Great Location

Review by 13 Guests on 8/8/16 11:38 AM

Overall we were very happy with the property and the service received. The staff is very friendly. The location is perfect and the house is very specious. The air conditioners were leaking water in a few rooms and kitchen during our stay. The entire suitcase and clothing was wet due to that. The house is older and a few things are falling apart, such as the door from the master bedroom suite upstairs. We have seen cleaner homes. We were not happy how the food purchases for the meals and the way how they were handled. Food was purchased for the meals that were cooked. Items that are not consumed could not be returned and you pay for all of it. The person that purchased the food, bought too much stuff that could simply not be consumed in 6 days, such as 3 liters of coffee creamer or 7 jars of salsa. There are items such as oil, seasonings, sugar, etc. that should simply be on site and not purchased with every renter. Also, the fish for the meals is billed separately and simply overpriced. Food that is not consumed goes home with the staff after each renter. The bill for the food was presented a day before departure, somebody came un-announced to collect the money. We did speak with the LEP office about our concerns, but for them this was normal procedure. We would stay there again, but we would not have them handle the food anymore. The next bigger grocery is close to Limon (turtle beach).

 Casa de la Playa

Review by Casa de la Playa on 6/7/16 1:56 PM

First off the house is in a PERFECT location! Just steps away from a gorgeous beach, perfect for snorkeling and kayaking. Ellen and Jimmy were great and very professional. We had breakfast and lunch prepared for us and the food was very good. The only downsides we had is the house is a bit older (very clean though) and some things didn't work such as a couple air conditioning units and one shower. Also be aware if you have them purchase your food ahead of time it can be very expensive. For example we ordered two blocks of cheese and didn't realize they were $20 a block. We got the bill on our last day and it was a shock to say the least. Overall the experience was awesome and we would definitely rent this house again. The only change I would recommend is buy your own food when you get there. The store is very close and you can pick and choose what you want.

 Casa de la Playa

Review by Cecelia on 3/16/16 6:21 PM

The beautiful Casa de la Playa on Playa Flamingo Beach was home to three generations of our family ages 70 to 2 - and a wonderful week we had. The location is the best in Costa Rica with a gorgeous beach just down a few steps from the infinity pool at the Casa. The house has a few things that could be fixed. The barbeque is old, some of the screens have holes in them, the air conditioners need a bit of work but over all I can only say wonderful things about the place. We had breakfasts and lunches catered (great food, on time, lovely service). Some of our group rented ATVs through Jimmy and had a great afternoon. Some walked down the beach to the Coco Loco for a late night drink and came home laughing. All in all, thank you for a wonderful holiday.

 exceptional EXCEPT

Review by Las Chicas on 3/12/16 1:06 PM

The Casa de Suenos was wonderful, beautiful, clean, well furnished with an amazing groundskeeper Marvyn and Reina who washed and cleaned. We were greeted by Jimmy, the concierge for our "girls week" of 9. We had booked it 8 months ahead, everything we ordered was provided and the facilities and area as promised. I will say that the ONLY problem was one of the tours that Jimmy the concierge arranged through Carlos was a complete rip off, falsely advertised and and quite frankly the man turned out to be a lier. We had multiple communications with Jimmy and Cheryl from LEP, who in turn negotiated a partial refund (which in my opinion was not enough) but it is what it is. My only hope is that this Carlos person is no longer affiliated so that no one else is taken for fools!

 A wonderful week at a wonderful place

Review by Antonio on 1/10/16 6:57 PM

Everything in Jobo 1 was perfect. My family and I spend peaceful days, in a beautiful apartment. everything is perfectly maintained and the distribution and set up was tremendously comfortable. My wife and I left the place wishing that someday son we´ll be able to own something exactly as Jobo 1 in a place so beautiful as Conchal. We will surely repeat the experience soon!!!

 Great stay!

Review by Emily on 11/29/15 9:42 PM

Loved the accommodations - well stocked with kitchen utensils and cooking means as well the property was superbly maintained and set up in a very nice way. Would have appreciated a few more English dvd options as there wasn't much on the tv, but overall a great stay.

 Casa de la Playa

Review by Best week ever on 8/15/15 3:30 PM

My Family of 12 stayed at Casa de la Playa for 1 week and every one agreed, that it was everything and more that we hoped for. Ages 85 to 19, all of us had such a great time and we all hope to return some day. The Casa is so beautiful and the way it is located right above the Ocean, a dream come true for all of us. Thanks to LEP for all the professional help.

 Casa de la Playa

Review by A&P Family Vacation on 8/14/15 7:42 PM

We celebrated our 50th anniversary by renewing our vows, barefoot on the practically private beautiful beach, right outside our incredible villa at Flamingo Beach. Attending were our 3 children, their spouses – and our 7 grandchildren (ages 9-18), who ran the ceremony – 15 people in all. The villa, with a great deck, infinity pool, and accommodating concierge and staff was rated by our kids as A+. The whole family enjoyed a ½ day sailing/snorkeling trip right from the nearby marina, returning at sunset. Some of the younger generation traveled over 3+ hours to Arenal, and enjoyed the exhilarating activities Costa Rica has to offer, such as zip lining, water repelling, white water rafting, hot springs, mud baths…and stayed in that area for 1 night. Others enjoyed similar day activities within 1 ½ hours from the villa. The only suggestion we have is to be careful ordering food for the house from the agency – it’s expensive and we had way too much. All in all, it was a wonderful, fun vacation that all us will long remember!

 Great trip

Review by Annie on 7/7/15 8:30 AM

LEP was great. They helped facilitate our vacation ahead of time, were super helpful when we had to switch dates, provided great services and answered all our questions. I would definitely recommend them and would use them again.

 Casa Dulce - wonderful!

Review by Miranda&Simon on 7/5/15 7:55 AM

We can't rate Lep highly enough - they are hand's down the most professional, friendly, welcoming, tight knit and on-the-ball letting company we have ever had the privilege to let from (and we have let in many countries!). We lived in Casa Dulce for a year with our four young kids and found it perfect for our needs - the pool is viewable from almost every room (which is perfect for safety) there are wonderful blinds that come down in terms of security, it's incredibly close to everything (beach, shops and Maxwell's local bar & grill) but not so close that you feel hemmed in. We had monkeys in our garden all the time, iguanas, gorgeous birds! The pool was a perfect size and any issues we had with small normal household problems (say an AC needing to be looked at) were always handled right away with no problem. Costa Rica is one of those countries that gets into your heart and soul and we miss it a lot! For anyone looking to find a wonderful house with a great letting company Lep is the one to go for - we have already recommended it to everyone who has asked us about letting options in Costa Rica. Huge thanks and best wishes to Ellen and Elvia :) And also to Tim and Randall, Cheryl and Claudia.

 Casa de la Playa, June 7 - 18

Review by EDH Travelers on 7/1/15 2:23 PM

The villa Casa de la Playa in Flamingo Beach is a dream come true! The villa sits immediately on the beach with a private gate for access to Flamingo Beach, a white sand beach with ocean swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, and surfing or just plain sitting and/or sunbathing. The villa includes a vanishing edge pool that sits immediately adjacent to the extensive patio, with spectacular views of the entire beach and bay. The service by the staff was exceptional. Our group of 12 (6 couples) were treated to early morning coffee for those who were early risers, followed by a wonderful breakfast at about 8:00 - 8:30am and then an equally enjoyable lunch at about 12:30 - 1pm each day. For dinner we were on our own and either walked down the beach to a local restaurant, traveled by car to nearby restaurants (many with beachside tables), or cooked dinner at the villa. In addition to cleaning our rooms every day, the house staff provided laundry services and were always very pleasant and accommodating. If you've ever dreamed of living large on a beautiful beach, this villa is the place to do it!

 Casa de La Playa

Review by Gueremo on 6/25/15 12:33 PM

There was 12 of us on this trip. Upon arrival we all just stared in awe at the location and the view from our place. The roads are a bit rough to get to the house so be prepared. From what we found out the house is about 35 years old and in need of some TLC. Small things like the varnish on the wood was getting old and flaking a bit. From the outside patio area we saw on a daily basis, surfers, sea life like rays and schools of fish, people fishing in Flaming Bay and the beautiful weather. It was the first couple of weeks in June and it rained a couple of times but the weather was beautiful. The house staff couldn't have been anymore accommodating to us. The meals prepared were beautiful and delicious. The grounds were always immaculately maintained. The walk to restaurants was always an experience. Try and catch the tide when its out or you might get a bit wet reentering the back gate. The restaurants were all within a 15 min. walk down the beach and for the most part the food was very good. I feel that the price for the house was a bit high. Things are expensive in CR. Some of us rented cars but we did not. We chose to go by taxi or shuttled provided by Jimmy the concierge. Jimmy did a fabulous job setting things up that we wanted and he was always available at anytime. We did a tri[p to Arenal and that was amazing. We saw the rain forest, water falls and zip lining which was a blast, our first time. All in all it was a relaxing 12 days spent. We enjoyed very much.


Review by Birthday trip on 6/22/15 6:31 PM

We had a great time at Villa Augustine! I knew we were going at the start of rainy season, but I didn't realize that we timed our visit during a period of time when there weren't so many tourists. I would highly recommend this time of year if you aren't into crowds. We were able to book and enjoy our excursions without lots of crowds and traffic! Jimmy did an excellent job helping us with this. Driving is challenging so we did not rent a car, but we did have a driver and van one day that enabled us to see many of the surrounding beaches and towns. I would definitely recommend this. The villa was lovely, modern and clean. Perfect for two families of three each.

 Jobo1 Reserva Conchal

Review by Jobo 1 Reserva Conchal on 5/2/15 3:48 PM

The condo, the beach, the beach club and LEP were fantastic. The Jobo condo with 3 bedrooms and 3-1/2 baths was perfect for 6 of us. The furnishing were beautiful, the beds comfortable, the air conditioning units all individually controlled so those of us who wanted it cooler could make it cooler. The kitchen is huge so all of us could work together. The views are amazing. The beach was gorgeous and seemed very private. The water temperature was perfect and the sand was white and soft. The beach club staff were friendly and professional and the pool was beautiful. The LEP staff - especially Jimmy - were so helpful and friendly. We had lots of questions and they patiently gave us advice and assistance whenever we needed it. I would highly recommend Jobo 1 and LEP for a visit to the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica.

 Casa de Alegria, Playa Flamingo

Review by "The Nazz" on 4/21/15 10:38 PM

Huge, fantastic house. Take a few steps to the pool, a few more to the hot tub and just a few more to a great gleaming white sand beach. We used every amenity every day and more. Suzanna and Ariel were great and made us feel very welcome. Suzanna cooked breakfast every morning switching between Americana and local food and made the best Guacamole and Pico for lunch and snacks. Could be making Costa Rica and Casa de Alegria a regular stop on our vacation circuit in coming years. Ellen at LEP did a flawless job with all the arrangements and Jimmy arranged the river rafting, horseback riding on the beach and two nights of local catering from their chef. Thanks to all.

 Casa de Suenos

Review by Happy on 2/17/15 8:51 AM

We loved staying at Casa de Suenos. Reyna and Marvin took very good care of us. The house was excellent. We each had our our room and bath. The pool was great and beach was so beautiful. Our excursions were as planned with just a couple of hiccups but turned out great. The chef and his staff were excellent and even obliged a few changes. We would all go back tomorrow if we could.


Review by Casa de Suenos! on 1/17/15 2:01 PM

We just got back from a friends and family stay at Casa de Suenos. In total there were 3 couples, 2 single friends and four children all under the age of 3. This house was absolutely perfect for our group. We took advantage of the chef services provided by LEP. Miguel came to the house 3 times and prepared cooked and cleaned! It was so nice to sit back while the kids were asleep and sit and talk to one another. The meals were delicious! We walked to the local bars and restaurants as well with our whole group and it was just a quick walk along the beach. The sunsets from Casa de Suenos were breathtaking. We all want to go back already!!! Marvin and Reyne were also extremely accommodating!!!


Review by don on 12/11/14 2:17 PM

Just returned from 19 days in costa rica at reserva conchal arranged by LEP. villa 8 carao was spectacular. LEP had a representative ready at our beckon call 24/7. Cheryl really went out of her way to please and arrange special services at the villa for us. Unfortunately she was ill while we were there and never talked to here again after the initial contract.... Hope you are recouping fast... Elen, the office manager stepped in and everything was clock work.... Some plumbing and structural issues came up... in less than two days all done... wish that could happen in Texas Highly recommend this company... Thansk to all you staff... HAPPY HOLIDAYS

 Costa Rica!!

Review by Casa Congo on 9/8/14 12:26 PM

8 of us spent a fabulous week at Casa Congo and had an unbelievable time. The house is fantastic and the pictures are exactly as the home is but probably more stunning. The bedrooms are huge with all private bathrooms with walk-in showers.The ocean view is to die for. You must have a drink or meal at Coco Loco on Flamingo Beach. Bismark and Luis at Arenas Adventures were great guides on the Canopy/Atv Tour and snorkeling. We even saw a humpback whale and her baby. Hope to be back soon!


Review by Diane V. on 7/28/14 12:23 PM

Our family stayed at Casa de Suenos July 11th to the 18th. I have to agree with other reviews that the pictures on the site do not do the villa justice. It's the perfect house for a family gathering, with room and privacy for everyone of our party of 10. We had wonderful dinners on the outdoor kitchen patio while watching amazing sunsets. Marvin and Reyne were very helpful and discrete, they made our vacation unforgettable.

 We LOVED Casa de Suenos

Review by Ashley on 7/6/14 1:10 PM

We recently stayed at Casa De Suenos (June 14-21, 2014) and could not have been more pleased! The house was gorgeous - the pictures on the internet did not do it justice. It was also bigger than we anticipated. We had 10 in the house comfortably. Marvin and Reyna were wonderful - so helpful! The kids loved the bicycles and kayaks and we loved the proximity to the beach - just steps away. The house had every comfort and we will definitely be staying there again.

 Best vacation ever

Review by Smith Family from Colorado on 6/2/14 10:55 AM

We recently celebrated our sons graduation from College at Casa de la Playa in Flamingo. Everyone had an amazing time from the 2 to 62 year old family and a few friends. Pool, staff, and house could not have been a better fit for us especially with the beach just at the bottom of the stairs. Especially loved the staff that made it so nice for us all.... 5 star recommendation in all respects.

 A Rare Find....

Review by mcguirenva on 5/23/14 7:57 PM

LEP service is exceptional. The service, assistance and advice we received before our arrival was prompt and helpful. The house attendants were so friendly and helpful upon arrival and throughout our stay. We had an unexpected power outage on a Friday evening at our house over Easter Weekend. LEP (Cheryl) responded immediately with support staff to ensure we were ok and then moved us to an even nicer house when the power could not be restored. They ensured we had even nicer accommodations and that any new needs were addressed. They are a first class operation and I would recommend them to anyone looking for rentals or property in the area. Lastly, everything we read on their website is accurate. No exaggerations, misprints or falsifications.


Review by Mercury on 4/1/14 12:31 PM

Cheryl and Ellen at LEP are awesome to work with and they both do more than is expected. Cheryl showed us a variety of different properties on several occasions until we found one that was the perfect fit for us. I looked at some properties listed with other rental agencies and went right back to LEP because they went out of their way to make us feel at home and that relieved a lot of stress. We couldn't be happier with how they treated us, and now we have new friends to visit in Costa Rica!

 Our three months at Vista al Mar were Paradise!

Review by VIsta al Mar on 1/28/14 5:31 PM

The spacious deck had a spectacular view of Playa Prieta. We enjoyed amazing sunsets, followed with star gazing. During the day, we relaxed on the deck and pool. The colorful landscaping and surrounding jungle teemed with friendly wildlife. The home is well furnished. The kitchen has everything you need, and more. Services included were local phone, internet and TV. The area has many restaurants. Some of our favorites were The Shack, Tubla, Camaron Dorado and El Coconut Beach Club. Claudia, LEP, expertly arranged transportation and activities. Ellen, LEP, promptly addressed house concerns and advice on everything Costa Rican. Suggesst you rent a vehicle. The road from the main road is steep. We would definitely stay again and again. Tom and Patricia Houston, TX

 Casa Alegria - spectacular service, location and home

Review by Casa Alegria on 1/24/14 9:15 PM

As discerning travelers who always rent a villa on our vacations, we were incredibly impressed with Casa Alegria on Playa Flamingo. The house is truly impressive. The home has 3 floors of beautifully designed rooms, with tasteful furnishings, and a view that you will not believe, as well as a pool, hot tub and outdoor kitchen area. There is so much space. White-sand Flamingo Beach, one of the few white sand beaches in Costa Rica is in a calm turquoise bay, and is just steps away. It is a large beach, with a very gradual slope, and was perfect for our little one to play in the waves. It is not too busy, but has enough to make it interesting. The staff, Ariel and Esousana, took care of our every whim and kept everything clean / pristine. Their wonderful "continental" breakfasts were anything but ordinary - and the dinners they created, from fresh fish and homemade pico de gallo, to a 2-day marinated beef tenderloin and tres leches cake, were perfection. The staff made our stay even more memorable than the spectacular home and location.

 Casa Colibri Playa Flamingo

Review by jgray on 10/29/13 10:39 AM

Casa Colibri was great. The grounds and the house were in awesome condition. The view of the ocean was stunning. The whole back of the house is pretty much windows everyday at all hours of the day we enjoyed the unbelievable view. The house was very clean and the two visits by a housekeeper during our week long stay was nice and she did a great job. The house was spotless when we returned from our activities. The home is 3 stories and has a lot of stairs so if your kids are under 3, it is probably not a good idea to stay here. They might struggle with all the stairs. Our kids were 3, and 5 and they did just fine. The LEP staff was very responsive when we had a need. The concierge was super helpful and arranged our rental car and some great tours that the kids enjoyed. The filtered water provided was a nice touch. Since it was the rainy season and most restaurants were closed we cooked at the house almost all week. The kitchen was stocked adequately with dishes and pots and pans, etc to do so. My only suggestion would be for them to add a few plastic dishes... I was afraid our kids might break the glassware. We had a very good experience at Casa Colibri and with LEP

 Casa Los Congos

Review by Mary on 10/9/13 10:12 AM

Beautiful house, amazing views...The people were all awesome. The kitchen wasn't set up for cooking. Not enough pots and pans and utensils for real cooking, but otherwise this house is perfect for family reunions, or chilling out with good friends. It was a wonderful week!

 Casa de Los Congos

Review by Liz on 10/5/13 6:57 PM

The most spectacular house! The pics don't do it justice. The entire staff at LEP couldn't have been nicer or more helpful. We were 5 couples and the house was plenty big enough, very beautifully appointed. We didn't leave the house very often as the views, sunsets, pool were all perfection. Don't hesitate to rent this house or deal with LEP. Thank you LEP for everything!

 Amazing stay

Review by ChrisMcDaid on 7/20/13 6:23 AM

We stayed at Casa De La Playa the week of the 4th of July and it was amazing. The property manager, LEP Costa Rica, arranged to pick up our party of 9 from the airport and it was seamless. The house is ~50 minutes from the airport so easy drive. The house itself is just as it appears in the pictures. Amazing view in front of the best surf break on the beach. Infinity pool is plenty big. We were there during the "wet" season and it only rained for a couple hours on two days. The house managers were responsive and unobtrusive. The cook and housekeepers were amazing. House layout is typical .... mostly open air with bedrooms and an indoor kitchen/living room. All bedrooms have AC and ceiling fans. Coco Loco is a five minute walk down the beach so great food/drinks nearby. Restaurants in town are a 20 minute walk or 10 minute car drive. No need to rent a car .... there are local taxi drivers (not in a taxi, just their own car) and all excursions will pick you up from the house. Palo Verde tour was really cool. Two hour drive but a Tico discusses history and nature on the drive. A monkey got on our boat and we saw plenty of crocs so kids were thrilled. We chartered a boat and had a huge day, 260 lbs Marlin, sailfish, dorado, tuna and enough time to bottom fish and 50 lbs grouper! I honestly can't think of a negative thing to say about the house, it is perfect for two or three families to enjoy a perfect week.

 Casa de Alegria-Flamingo beach

Review by Alina and Ruben on 7/4/13 10:01 AM

Our extended family of 10, including 5 grandchildren ranging in age from 11 years to 18 months, spent a wonderful week at this beautiful location. This spacious house was ideal for our large group and perfectly situated on a quiet end of Flamingo beach. The location was convenient to tours, activities and restaurants. The LEP staff was extremely helpful addressing our needs and questions. Cheryl was waiting for us at the property when we arrived and Claudia made arrangements for our tours to Palo Verde Reserve, for snorkeling on the Lazy Lizard catamaran and zip lines. Among the many outstanding features of this property is the hospitality and caring service provided by the house staff,Azucena and Ariel. They went out of their way to make us feel at home ! We will return!! make us feel at home!

 Casa De Suenos

Review by Casa De Suenos on 4/19/13 10:30 AM

Hello, I just wanted to send a quick Thank-You to LEP and all there related staff and service providers. We rented Casa De Suenso April 1-12, 2013 it was the best holiday any of us have ever had. The house was beautiful, Marvin (grounds and Security) and Reyna (housekeeping) were great to deal with. Every part of our trip was great we can’t thank you all enough and would gladly recommend your company and Costa Rica to anyone who asked.

 Casa de la Playa

Review by Gordon on 4/16/13 9:32 AM

I had my entire family ( all 15 of us) at Casa de la Playa and it couldn't have worked out better. The location is fantastic, right on the beach with a pool as well. The house managers and cooks also made the experience very special. We wouldn't hesitate to return.

 They know what they are doing!

Review by GP on 3/29/13 3:13 PM

LEP did a great job of listening to what I was looking for and helping to match my expecations with what they could offer. My family and I had a wonderful trip to Costa Rica greatly because we did not have to worry about anything when it came to ensuring our accomodations were top notch. We took advantage of the conceirge service they offered who helped make lining up a chef, rental car and a fantastic zipline tour very simple. We were exteremly pleased with what LEP offered us in terms of convenience and making our trip a huge success. Lastly, Costa Rica rocks and is a GREAT place to take your family for a relatively easy getaway in a different country with a very cool, relaxed and welcoming vibe.

 Fun in Surfside (Potrero)

Review by Rene on 3/12/13 2:57 PM

We just returned from a two month stay at Twin Dolphins Condo #1 on Playa Potrero. This is a very nice modern condo... right on the beach, with a well kept pool. Service was good and the price was very reasonable. There are many other lovely beaches near by, a vegetable market right across the road , and grocery stores within walking distance. The area (Surfside) is a wonderful community,.. with surprising venues for great food and wonderful music!. Excellent live bands at least once a week and karaoke with lots of fun and many talented singers. This place is like our second home. We will be back next year! Highly recommended for those who want a quiet beach, a "non touristy" atmosphere, and many opportunities for making new friends.

 JOBO 8 Penthouse - Reserva Conchal

Review by Reserva Conchal on 1/16/13 9:26 AM

Stayed just after New Years. Still the prettiest beach in guanacaste! Trust me we drove from Sugar beach all the way up to panama hitting Matapalo, Coco and Hermosa along the way nothing beats playa Conchal at the Reserva and Westin. JOBO is the best condo within Reserva and Both they and LEP were fantastic. The 3 bdrm/3.5 bath easily accommodates all 6 perfectly. It was spotlessly clean, yet equipped with all we needed. Including the washer and dryer. We hope to be back in the future.

 Casa de la Playa

Review by Erin on 1/13/13 12:22 PM

We had a family of 12 stay here over New Year's and it was FABULOUS! The full-time service staff were wonderful, the house, though older than some we have stayed at, was perfect. Location was the best! We loved the beach and the pool and the kayaks and the cooks... we can't wait to go back!

 Flamingo Villa No 5

Review by Roberto e Ileana on 1/9/13 1:12 PM

It was very pleasant our stay at Flamingo Villa No, 5, specially with the new A/C units at the main room and kitchen. As every year, the apartment was fully equipped with all the necessary items to make of the week a great vacation week. House keeping was perfect as well the gardens, pool and constant concern of the people involved. But overall, the close attention and service from LEP. We do recommend the apartment Roberto & Ileana

 Twin Dolphins 2 South

Review by Pelican Watcher on 1/9/13 10:18 AM

We loved this 3 bedroon two bath condo in Potrero Beach. The view was fantastic, we could see pelicans during their feeding routines along with other white birds that look like small seagulls. We enjoyed the facilities, they were spacious and overall well appointed, the pool was common area type and well maintained. We spend the week of Christmas and so the service was not as speedy as is probably during regular season, this could be an area of improvement. However, this in no way detracts from our overall experience. I would recommend this beach for families and people who want a peaceful beach where they can stroll without running on 100s of people etc. For those who want more action there is Tamarindo beach just 30 min away, Liberia only 1 hour. Great place, we are coming back! Thanks you!

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