Reviews for Lancaster Park Outdoor Resort

Lancaster, Ontario

 Best Campround Ever!

Review by Robert Murray on 9/29/18 4:12 PM

My family and I stayed at Lancaster Park on Canada Day weekend 2018 and never realized what a fantastic place it was for the entire family. The kids enjoyed the impeccable beach and water toys while my wife and I enjoyed a frozen cocktail at the beach side Tiki bar. On the weekends they have complimentary live entertainment playing at the Tiki bar which made us feel like were at a resort as the name implied. It didn't end there. We attended a Beatles tribute on Saturday night and a Fleetwood Mac tribute on Sunday night both superb performances. We all eat at the restaurant on both nights and loved the food. We camped on a waterfront lot and enjoyed the beautiful view of the Saint Lawrence river. There is no doubt Lancaster Park will be on top of list of 2019 holiday destinations!


Review by Alyssa-Mae on 8/13/18 12:35 AM

Decided to try the restaurant as we had heard many great things about their food. Best decision we could make. The service was great, prices reasonable and food to die for. Will definitely be going back several times just so we can try more on the menu. Keep up the great work.

 Over priced and under serviced

Review by Last time on 8/25/17 8:13 PM

We stayed here in 2011 and thought it was so-so, but we were close to the beach, which is nice! Tried it again Aug 24'17, but will never go back! Their map says they have 424 sites! They have one set of washrooms for that many sites and a couple of smelly outhouses! All "transients" are put way at the back which makes the hike to the washrooms about a 10 min walk, same with WiFi only available at the lodge which is by the washrooms, only have electric and water hookups no sewers! Bad enough you pay $54.24 a night ( which was the most we paid from Toronto to Nwfd), but then you have to pay $1 for a shower, in a filthy washroom ( 3 out of 5 toilets didn't have paper in them til the following morning). We heard the 401 traffic all night plus the trains which we can accept! We debated going to KOA in Quebec but decided to cross into Ontario instead, big mistake! NEVER AGAIN!

 Tiki Time

Review by Music Lover on 7/6/16 12:56 PM

This is the coolest campground in Ontario. We were in the 200's extra large sites during St. Jean Bapstiste weekend. Grass pads and very spacious, we used the 50amp. Best part was the entertainment at their beachside tiki bar, they had 2 quebec guys play guitar and fiddle for three hours straight, really cool. And it is a real tiki bar with palm leaves roof and all. 200's are a bit of a hike to the beach and restaurant, outhouses definitely need repair/replacement. Water line and electric were easy to locate on the site, site is well marked. Firewood was included in long weekend price as was tickets to the night time show, which we did not make as we stayed too long at the tiki is yummy home made at the restaurant but it should be open later at night.Main road is a mish mash of gravel and pavement, front office staff was helpful but should deliver the firewood bags to your site as they are heavy. Giving this place 5 starts just because it is cool and unique. Beach is clean, not crowded, not much seaweed, kids had lots of places to shore fish for bass. Overall a fun weekend, will be going back!

 Never again

Review by Jonathan on 7/29/15 8:01 PM

My mistake, did my research via facebook for reviews before reserving a site at this so called resort. After reading fb with no negative reviews we decided to try it out for the weekend, what a mistake! I think they were all paid to say nice comments as this was not our experience. Bathrooms were filty, pothols every were, noise until early in the morning, no need to say more, most of all other comments on this site says it all! No need to waist anymore of my time, will never go back.

 Tenters stay away

Review by Bob on 7/6/15 9:57 AM

First issue is the price for what you get. $51 for a dry tent sight, no water/electricity. Apparently they treated Jul 4 as a long weekend and charged a premium. They had outhouses near the tent sites but no locks on the doors and one of the doors was falling off. They stunk bad as they were not portopoddies but conventional out houses. The main washrooms were at the other end of the resort 10 min walk away. The showers were old and not very clean and you had to deposit a looney for 12 min of water. The tenting sites were close to the 401 and so a constant road noise day and night. I would not recommend this camp site for tenting, disgusting and expensive.

 Great Resort!

Review by Happy Camper #1 on 9/18/14 4:09 PM

We had a great time! What other campground in Eastern Ontario can you go to and enjoy quality live entertainment? We were fortunate to see a tribute band by the name of Fleetwood Mix. The show was in a very nostalgic room called Pioneer Hall. This 50 year old campground brought memories of my youth camping with my parents. Staff and management were very accommodating and made our labour day weekend a truly memorable event. Thanks!!

 Really neat place!

Review by Longtime Traveller on 9/18/14 2:59 PM

Stopped by there on the way to and from Nova Scotia. Hauling a fifthwheel 32 foot. Stayed for three days labour day weekend and what a blast! Entertainment was fun and who was to know that a campground has a waterfront patio! Enjoyed banana daiquiris during the live shows. Washrooms and showers were clean but could use some upgrades. We watched the fireworks from our waterfront site. Waterfront sites are tight and room for only one vehicle. Our son caught a bass off the fishing dock near our site. Too rainy and cool for beach fun but the beach was big and sandy. On the way to Nova Scotia stayed on a much larger site in the north end of the campground during the week for one night. It was peaceful and serene. Staff were friendly and helpful. We will be back one day!

 Enjoyed my time

Review by Vanessa  on 9/14/14 1:51 PM

I recently spent close to 2 weeks at this campsite. I had a nice time,and much needed rest. People don't both and you can enjoy and relax. The beach is great and would be awesome for young kids. As recently said by a few campers, the place does need upgrades, and a little bit of money spent on there building would make a big difference. But staff was very nice, very helpful. I would go back, I enjoyed my time. If you looking for 5* camping this isn't it! but if you want to camp and enjoy your self! this is a great place.

 Not ghood at all

Review by Guy on 9/8/14 10:52 AM

Staff at the gate were very friendly and helpful, The park(resort) not a resort, very run down, roads are bad, full of potholes and muddy, washrooms very primitive and not maintained. Entertainment was good, good bands, food was good at the restaurant but the building. needs very much repair and mostly cleaning inside and outside. Being so close of the 401 makes the location very noisy ,night and day, due to road traffic and railroad nearby. Last place to go on my list.

 not great

Review by sad on 8/25/14 11:34 AM

We camped August 15 2014. We paid extra for waterfront and our trailer was parked in front of a mud puddle.. No privacy and paying for showers is nuts after paying a premium price. Lot size too cramped on waterfront.. We camped at lot 417..overall the park seemed neglected and general maintenance not done enough and visitors shouldnt have to walk that far for father or bathroom


Review by Eastern traveller on 8/11/14 8:50 AM

We were at this site for a long weekend. We paid a little more money to have a waterfront site. What a joke, it was a new section that just got the trees taken out and they put small strips of gravel to park rv's on. It was so soft from the rain it had reveived days earlier, all mud and next to no room to even open the slideout on our rv witout being over on the lot next us. There were millions of little bugs hovering in clouds and when walking through we had to have swallowed dozens. The beach was very very weedy. The rules of this site are very strictly enforced and everything seems to be a money grab. The Saturday night show was very good, the food at the restaurant was also very good. Overall our experience here was very dissapointing and will not return unless upgrades are done to the beach and facilities.

 Beware....not a resort

Review by disappointed camper on 8/11/14 8:41 AM

We went to this so called `resort` for a long weekend and I would have to say right away we would not go back. First of all the price it cost for a long weekend is crazy and this did not include sewer. And the outhouses that were near our sites for use were absolutely disgusting, not usable at all. There facilities were quite disgusting as well, spider webs everywhere, most of the time no paper towel to dry your hands, and some the taps didn`t work. The campsite needs a great deal of work, there is definitely potential but the owner would have to do some major work to get this to be a so called resort. I really don`t know how anyone would want to camp here for a weekend let alone as a seasonal....

 Overall Not Recommended

Review by Private on 8/3/14 8:18 AM

Overall I would not recommend this place for tent camping. It's clearly FAR, FAR more intended for long term trailer people!!! To use the name 'resort' for this place is highly misleading. The BAD: - incessant road noise since the tent sites (dry sites) are all very close to the 401 major highway. Particularly weekday nights with heavy transports moving product. - location is obviously very close to a level train crossing. Trains were VERY frequently; perhaps as much as 3 an hour during the day. And they came by all through the night blowing their horn (ie. 3am). - outhouses provided for tent campers were literalally unsafe with floors about to fall through and tilted whole house tilted at an angle. Some were so bad they were literally nailed shut to prevent usage. - showers cost $1 (this was somewhat buried on web site, and failed to mention loonies only); showers ran out of hot water and when started literally took about 4-5 minutes to become hot - about half the time you get for your loonie - beach was VERY weedy - there was no shallow water volleyball net as their web site advertises - no way to dry hands in the main washrooms - only 3-4 car parking spots down by the beach The GOOD: - the inflatable rock wall in the water was fun for kids - restaurant had surprisingly good food - the band on Sat night was a fun thing to be able to attend - main washroom/showers were aged looking but actually seemed very clean

 Campers beware

Review by B&W on 7/27/14 8:14 AM

To fellow campers, BEWARE This is one disgusting park not a resort in any way shape or form. We did find paying $48.00 for a dry camping site was excessive, but then found that we even had to pay for showers. We also found the bathrooms not only in disrepair, no paper towel or hand dryers and some taps didn't work and were all loose. The out houses that were in the vicinity of the camp site in my opinion were not safe to use and look like a law suit waiting to happen. The excessive noise (music) from a nearby site was so loud we could not even have a decent conversation. Upon complaining to Mgmt, they did tell the others to turn the music down but then also informed them where the complaint came from. We also found out later that we paid an extra $10 for a site due to the fact that we arrived on a weekend. We only stayed 1 night due to our travel schedule but find this to be extremely excessive. Apparently there are “extra’s” included in wknd rates but since we were there only 1 night, we did not qualify and therefore did not receive any “extra’s” but still had to pay the wknd rate. I would not promote this camp ground and most certainly NOT recommend this camp ground to anyone.


Review by Chatouille on 7/27/14 2:04 AM

Très déçus de ce camping qui charge pourtant très cher. C est vieux, non entretenu sur les sites, vielles bécosse qui soit ne s ouvre pas soit ne ferme pas... Et surtout TRÈS BRUYANT,!!!!! Le long de l,autoroute,,, faut être dans le fond du camping pour ne pas l entendre. Le pire: A partir de 21h, le train passe et siffle au passage à niveaux...longtemps et ce....toute les heures jusqu au petit matin. Le sable de la plage est sale, l eau est remplie d essence (embarcations à moteur à proximité). On nous a vendu du sacs de bois à 10,00 chaque...mouillé! (On en a trouvé sur le chemin, sec, au même prix. Bref...à fuir!

 Need to clean up

Review by Dreamer on 7/26/14 2:44 PM

My wife and I stayed at this campground for 3 nights. If there had been a closer one near by , we would of moved. This campground needs a lot of work, a lot of clean-up. We found the site they gave us would fit our 37 foot 5th wheel, but we would have to take it down a very narrow and impossible road to get to. .I did try to go down the road that they instructed me to do, and because of the extreme narrow road and a lot of trees, I clipped one of the trees and damaged the trailer. If 3 men that were long term residents , had not come to our help. There might have been more damage done to the trailer. The road going in and around the site is full of potholes, it makes driving around almost impossible. We will not stay there again and would not recommend it to anyone


Review by Impala on 7/23/14 7:19 PM

I stayed at the Lancaster Park on 2 separate weekends. The bathrooms were clean but old and worn. New fixtures would be nice. The other campers are friendly and nice to talk to. This campsite is definitely popular. You should make a reservation if going. The office staff are amazing. I had some problems with my truck and they were extremely helpful allowing me to store my trailer while I got my truck fixed before leaving. The first weekend there I stayed near the water. The view was nice. I am new to trailering and I found the tight roads near the water very difficult to navigate with a 32ft trailer. They have some large rocks placed on the inside of a corner to protect some grass in a Y shaped intersection. A right turn is impossible for a beginner. A professional truck driver was camping there and he had to make the maneuver for me. To turn right one has to start the turn and go as far as possible and then back up into a nearby campsite and then swing wide. This maneuver is done within 2 feet of the river. To leave my campsite (#75) one has to proceed straight through a Y shaped intersection and then back up while turning the trailer along the river bank. Once this is done you can go forward. Again I needed a professional driver for fear of going into the river. Other campers who watched me make a fool of myself consoled me by advising that the turn was for experts. The second weekend I was in a site away from the water and near the entrance. The site was huge, had a nice green lawn was very easy to maneuver into. Nice quiet area. I loved that site (#207). I would definitely go back to Lancaster but I will stay in the North end of the campground. The guy who had the site next to me said that he also doesn't have the skill to park his trailer at the South end of the campground. When leaving the dump station even though the sign says one way a left turn cannot be made because the road is tight and there are trees in the way. If you turn right against the one way and then take the first right. Even an amateur like myself can make the turns and navigate the tight road. I would recommend that they fix that Y shaped intersection near the boat launch. Cut down some trees near the club house building so trailers can get through there. Maybe even remove campsites and trees near intersections. Nobody wants to hit a tree with their trailer. The outhouses should be replaced with those plastic huts with chemical toilets. I felt bad for anybody who had to use the wooden outhouses on slants. Follow the posted speed limit of 10 kph to keep your trailer safe and to keep all the kids running around safe. The kids are on holidays too.

 Not Bad

Review by sb on 7/21/14 8:53 AM

We stayed for 2 nights. (Friday to Sunday). It cost a hefty fee for only 2 services so we expected a bit better. The grounds need better upkeep, as do the facilites . (Be prepared to horrible bathrooms). Although the beach was interesting, the sand was dirty. But it was nice to walk around and the lot was good. The guest who stay year round all seem to have a good time.

 Great weekend

Review by Red on 7/8/14 8:07 AM

We had a very good time at this resort. It has much to offer and will keep you busy during your stay. On the down side the washrooms are a long distance from a lot of the sites and they could use a face lift . Our site was a new one and could have used a little more work before our arrival (ruts and bumps). The restaurant was very good and the entertainment was excellent. It has something for everyone. we will return.

 Awesome Place!

Review by Chantal on 7/8/14 7:11 AM

My husband and I absolutely loved this place. There's something for the whole family no matter the age. We loved the peacefullness, the night entertainment and the beautiful waterfront property location we rented for a weekend. I can not say enough for the staff, very professional and friendly. The rates are very reasonable compared to other campgrounds. We loved this place so much that we immediately booked for another weekend and we hope to get a permanent lot in the near future. Chantal

 Visited June 3, 2014

Review by berge on 6/11/14 5:42 PM

Office staff was friendly and helpful. However - probably because of time of year and because of wet weather- found that the sites had not yet been maintained very well. But our biggest concern was the facilities - we did not feel comfortable to use the washrooms or the showers, looked like they had not yet been cleaned up for customers. Thank goodness we have facilities in our unit and that we were only staying for one night. A real nice location but definitely needs a lot of work to compare to lots of other campgrounds we have visited over the years.


Review by Danu on 5/26/14 1:27 PM

Hors de prix pour les prestations offertes. Déconseillé.