Reviews for Key West Aqualodge


 Worst Possible

Review by FloridaResident on 12/22/14 5:59 AM

The "hotel" is not a hotel, but a sailboat equivalent to something you could buy on CraigsList for about $15,000. It has: 1) No Electricity, hence no lights or air conditioning or heating or ability to charge a cell phone. 2) No Door (YES, there is NOT a door to lock your "room", so; if it rains you would have to piece together 4 slots of wood and close the two top hatches. Typical Florida torrential rains render everything in you cabin to be saturated with water (if you are fortunate to be present and awake when the rain starts). 3) No lock on the latches, so the hotel "staff", which is a mother and son team, recommend to not bring your luggage into the room. 4) No bathroom, hence no shower or toilet. 5) No WiFi 6) The single bed is in the shape of a triangle, and can barely accommodate one person, and that being uncomfortable. 7) No amenities whatsoever 8) $40 per night parking charge 9) Dangerous neighborhood making the lack of door and lock(s) even more of a concern 10) Poor communication and response with staff (owners) Overall: Worst conceivable scam and thus experience ever had and ever heard of from anyone in my entire 51 years of life, for which 6 years was spent as a "road warrior" in sales where I traveled over 75% of the time, and had stayed in many low-grade 1 start hotels.