Reviews for Keg Creek Watersports

Appling, Georgia

 We had a blast!

Review by Leesa on 3/31/22, 2:30 AM

If you're looking for some fun on the water, this is it. We rented a jet ski for the entire day. Simple easy process to get you in the water and playing. We had a blast and look forward to booking again in July. I WOULD recommend Keg Creek Water Sports to friends.


Review by Mimi on 9/4/21, 7:33 PM

Please do not book with this company. We were with family and each family rented a jet ski. After 16 minutes of riding, we came in to switch riders. We were in more than 3 feet of water and was accused of cranking the jet ski on the bank. BIG FAT LIE. They then demanded we get off jet ski and accused of us damaging the impeller to the point of causing a chip in it. She was able to diagnosed that while the jet ski was still in the water. Part of our party got accused of damage and charged the $350 and prohibited from continuing to ride. The impeller is inside the jet ski. My husband is a mechanic and told her there was no way she could make that accusation without getting into the jet ski. She ended up putting the jet ski on the trailer and took off a part that controls the steering of the jet ski. Nothing to do with the impeller and nothing was wrong with the steering. Couple hours later after we did our best to argue the wrongness in all of this the jet ski was back in the water working just fine. HUGE SCAM! Do not use this company!