Reviews for Kaweah Oaks Campground

Three Rivers, California

 Dangerous! Don't Stay Here!

Review by GreyMontelongo on 9/24/18 11:23 PM

DANGEROUS! DON’T STAY HERE: Camping comes with many understandable risks, but staying at Kaweah Oaks Campground has been the most dangerous thing I have done in my life! It was my best friend's birthday, and since we love nature and exploring, so we decided to spend the weekend exploring Sequoia. Staying here seemed like a good option to spend the night. We drove more than 4 hrs to get to the campground, so when we got there it was late. We set up our tents and lit a fire to cook and eat dinner. Then, a really mean guy came to us yelling because we were being too loud and he was trying to sleep. He said he was a friend of the owner, and that he had stayed there for three days because he needed peace. As you can read in many other reviews, there is a loud bar right in front of the grounds, and the camp is also right next to the noisy highway, so we were really surprised to have a guy yelling at us when it was really loud across the street. Why didn’t he go yell at them? Our group was made of two girls and two boys. My best friend and I went to sleep early. Only my boyfriend and her boyfriend stayed up talking. We got up around 7:30 a.m and as we were carrying everything to the car (as you can read in other reviews, you park far away from the camping zone and you carry everything), the owner approached us out of nowhere saying: “You guys were really lucky I was not here last night. I would have called the cops and get you arrested. I want you out of my property!” I explained to him that last night the lady in charge came to us, explained all the rules (in a really nice way), and she said that it was okay to just be talking. We followed everything she said. I asked him to go and talk to her. It was the owner who approached us yelling, and then we just walked away repeating “these young people know nothing about respect.” As we were putting everything in our car (and with my bad luck), my plastic bag ripped and I had to pick everything up and put it in another bag. He came back and said, “Hurry up and get the hell out of my property. I will call the sheriff and get you arrested!” I felt so humiliated. He was yelling and treating us like if we were worse than criminals. So I yelled back “That’s enough from you. It has been established that we will not come back, so you can just stop harassing us and yelling at us.” He left yelling other things about us, and when he and his friend from last night came back, they were VISIBLY CARRYING THEIR GUNS!!! GUNS! What type of people go get their guns after an argument? We were leaving!!! We were just carrying everything to our car. Two girls and two boys. The owner and his friend were HOVERING like vultures over a dead animal! Thinking about it gives me the chills. The really nice lady who spoke to us the night before came to us as we were driving out of the parking lot. She apologized about everything and said that she was going to speak to them. Still, I would never go there again!


Review by Kris on 7/11/18 1:27 PM

Very disappointed. Didn't know this was a walk in site. You should really mention that on your site so people don't reserve, pay for it and can't stay there. I requested a refund as we were not able to stay there. It's been a week and still haven't received a reply. Not a way to run a business on my eyes.


Review by Martinez Family on 7/3/18 3:18 PM

The camp ground was very nice and had alot of shade. My family really enjoyed our stay. We were suppose to stay the week but unfortunately our child got sick so we only got to stay one night. We will definitely come back!

 No potable water?

Review by Naldo on 5/16/18 12:39 AM

Rolled in on the late end not fully realizing we had to shlep everything from the parking lot to the site. When I reserved it, all it said was whatever number of cars we were allowed to have, but maybe I overlooked something about not being able to park near the site. Lucky for us ours was pretty close to the gate (#2). The sites are pretty tightly packed together, so the tunes the young neighboring couple were blasting could not be avoided. Lots of smokers seem to like the place too, so the smell was hanging in the air and in the bathroom heavily. Then the live music at the bar across the street started up around 10pm. Both nights - Sat and Sun. Country rock cover bands. Glad I remembered the earplugs and that my kid is a heavy sleeper. The weirdest thing though was the apparent lack of potable water. My son and I searched around with our water jug and even went as far as calling the phone number at the kiosk and leaving a message (which was never returned) to see if there was something we were missing. Asked around at the other sites too, and no one seemed to know. Luckily, though it was late, the gas station down the street was open and had water. All in all, it was a place to pitch a tent and camp for the night. There was a nice large table and a fire ring. It is pretty close to the entrance of Sequoia NP. Thankfully we didn't spend any more time than was necessary there and were out and about doing other things. I can't see any reason to go there again unless there were no other options.

 Scout Campout at SNP

Review by BSA Troop 188 on 10/29/17 4:18 PM

The walk-in style of this campground suited the scouts well. Every campground in SNP was full and the availability of this campground outside of the park worked out for us. We had a Saturday evening campfire which is a great element for scouts. As far as the pit toilet that is something we are used to and the adjacent wash station was good. None of the scouts utilized the shower facility. We will recommend to other scout groups.

 Filthy showers and bathrooms

Review by Dan on 7/5/17 2:00 PM

My wife and I planned to stay here for three nights on our trip to Sequoia, but upon checking in, we quickly noticed that this placed was nothing like the advertisement. The converted portable toilet is now the shower and it was covered inside and out by ants. The portable bathroom was also covered with ants. Every other national park we have camped outside of had a real bathhouse. We spent extra money to stay at the comfort inn in three rivers.

 Lovely natural setting

Review by The Zehnder's on 9/12/15 7:03 PM

This campground was just great, my husband and I stayed here the night before and the night after a back country trip in Sequoia. Nice spacious campsites with well maintained grounds (most sites appear to have hard packed sand so no fighting through rocks to put in stakes). Many of the campsites have large vegetation walls that separate the sites for privacy and noise reduction. Camp owners/front-desk were friendly and allowed us to check in very late one night with no fuss. Had a very clean pit toilet, running water sinks outside, and a port-o-shower as well! Pro's: 1. Very clean and well maintained 2. Nice staff, a good price for firewood, as well as a jerky stand! 3. Good amenities and right off the main road to Sequoia (Three Rivers Entrance), its probably 10 minutes from the Foothills Visitor Center in Sequoia. 4. Beautiful vegetated campsites and singing frogs at night. 5. Lots of animals to be seen (we saw a deer, a family of quail including chicks, bats, and a raccoon who did not disturb us at all) Con's: 1. This is a pretty weak con but it is across the street from a karaoke bar in town (mentioned by another reviewer) but we camped there on a Friday night and were unbothered by the small amount of noise that occasionally made it into the campground. 2. Their sinks didn't have potable water but they gave us a 2.5g jug of fresh water for free at checkin, so again I'm hesitant to mark this as a con.

 had a great time

Review by Mr J on 6/1/15 11:46 AM

we really enjoyed camping here. More privacy than most campsites. I would camp here again to visit sequoia national park.

 Beautiful Place

Review by Dan on 9/8/14 8:22 AM

This is a small but beautiful campground with plenty of shade and vegetation separating the camping sites.