Reviews for Jackson Lake Campground & Park, LLC

Canal Winchester, Ohio

 The other reviews are true

Review by Unhappy camper on 9/18/16 6:59 AM

What other reviews have said are true. I was willing to give this place a try but I really regret doing so. The bathrooms are horrible and tiny. You can't shut the door while on the toilet. The showers were not clean. Soap with mold growing on it was in one shower. No soap or dispenser, paper towels or dispenser. We were the only ones camping on the tent side. We now know why. The other side isn't much better. Looks like people live year round on the camper side? Highly disappointed and will never return. I'm not sure why you would send this survey out to people and ask them to fill it out, this can't be getting you business. Oh, the firewood situation is a joke. Not allowed to bring your own wood in but you can buy a bag from them. $15 got us 3 pieces and over half a bag of bark.


Review by Love it on 9/17/16 4:00 PM

We just bought a camper in June of 2016. Jackson Lake was our "trial run"because it was close to home. The staff there were very nice, and they made sure we knew how to hook up to the water and electric, and explained about the Lake, how they are improving the campground with a water park. We have camped there three times, and everytime we have enjoyed ourselves. I have read some of the reviews, and one of them said the road into the campground was dusty.....really? You are camping All I can say is we will be camping there frequently, as a matter of fact, we are on the waiting list for a permanent spot.

 Sooooo Disappointed. Will never return

Review by Memory Lane on 9/12/16 5:52 AM

My family used to camp at Jackson Lake as a child. It was clean and well maintained. 40 years later..... Very run down. High weeds, no lights above ladies restroom sink, Very dusty road, and buildings with exterior facing falling off. Our question is why spend money on a water park when there Is much greater needs. It appeared that the owners did not take pride In the campground. State parks are much nicer

 Camping at Jackson Lake

Review by Pissed off camp  on 8/2/16 10:34 PM

Wow this place was awful. Yea it says fishing with out a license of course you dont because there is no lake at Jackson Lake camp grounds. Plus when you pull in your rig is covered with mud from them digging out the lake that you dont have to have a license for, the shower rooms disgusting paint falling off in peices plus you had to listen to the beeping of the equipment till 9 pm they dont mow the very uneven site this place was atrocious. They dont tell you anything till you grab your poles to go fishing and there is no lake it stinks like dead fish, the flies terrible the pool was at deep end was 2 foot deep firewood was 20 bucks for small amount if you could even find afire ring and don't ask them to bring you one few picnic tables the place just sucked

 Disappointed Camper

Review by NatureLovinMama on 7/18/16 9:26 AM

This place was a dump. The "Lake" was a big empty pit which they do not advertise on their website. No discounted rate for that. The bath houses were disgusting-people would never shut the door behind them so it was full of bugs. The stalls were so small, we couldn't shut them while sitting on the toilet. Primitive campsites were so hard, we couldn't drive tent stakes into the ground. The "pool" was a wading pool and crowded. The buildings looked dilapidated-siding falling off, paint chipping, and an old trailer for the main office. $10 for a small bundle of firewood and $20 for a large seemed expensive to me when you can buy a bundle at Kroger for around $5. Quiet time is not enforced. We did not sleep at all the 2 nights we were there-screaming kids, loud adults, and loud cars. The one positive thing I can say about this sorry excuse for a campground is that the staff we encountered were quite friendly.

 Serene, peace and memories!

Review by The Gaines Family  on 7/18/16 8:05 AM

Our family really enjoyed this place. We stayed 6 nights in a two week period. When we made reservations, the park e-mailed us immediately to inform us the lake had been drained in preparation for a water park and had the option to cancel our reservations. Also, our camper needed some repairs and the park let us keep our camper at the campsite, free of charge, until we could get it fixed. Great staff that monitors the activities of the park to ensure the safety of the other guests. The pool was not very deep, however, kids don't care, as long as it's cool and wet! Can't wait to come back when the aqua park is finished. Really enjoyed our time here. Thanks you for your hospitality!


Review by Nohappycamperhere on 7/17/16 6:44 PM

Would not go back. Bath house and showers outdated. Trash overflowing the dumpsters. Just a wading pool. And the lake was a mud hole. We were told new owners are going to make improvements. Give them a couple years. Expensive firewood.

 awful place

Review by TC on 7/17/16 6:16 AM

Made reservations for July 9th via the campground website based on the pictures of a beautiful lake and refreshing swimming pool. arrived with swimming attire and full fishing gear in tow, expecting to live the life of pure R&R...... NOT! the "lake" was just a large disgusting mud hole! and the pool was covered with a tarp, so the only swimming was the thigh deep kiddie pool! They didn't even discount their fee to try to make up for the FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!

 July 4th weekend

Review by AT*HIKERS on 7/12/16 12:58 PM

Our extended family traveled from Eastern PA to visit our son/brother family who live near columbus and spent the weekend at the campground. We reserved 4 sites and our extended family had an awesome weekend with such happy memories.

 The lake with no lake

Review by Unhappycamper on 7/8/16 11:16 AM

We drove out to Jackson lake in the beginning of June to look at the facilities and see if we wanted to camp here. It was beautiful and quiet and seemed perfect for the $25 price to prim camp. My son could fish and swim, we could have our nights by campfire. We made our reservation for the end of the month. Once that date came we showed up to check in and got our site and proceeded into the campground. That once beautiful lake we saw weeks before was now a dry lake bed. It was gone. The whole reason for camping here was for the lake access. They said nothing about it when we checked in and it was also not mentioned on their website. Hell, they didn't even discount the price for lack of amenities. The bathrooms were atrocious and our quiet night turned into one in the morning screaming children with their parents to follow. Completely disappointed and will NEVER rent from here again.

 june camping

Review by pt on 7/7/16 12:14 PM

We were scheduled to stay 4 nights, only stayed 2. There were no numbers on the camp site we had. We counted back on the map to be sure we were on the right sight. There was no picnic table or fire ring, grass had not been cut in some time. Sewer connection was broken. Swimming pool did look clean but we did not use it. Price was good.