Directions for Hotel Cielo Rojo

San Pancho, Mexico


Upon exiting the Puerto Vallarta airport you have to make a right turn BUT you MUST immediately get into the left hand lane in order to be able to effectively do a U turn so as to be traveling north on Hwy 200. Follow signs for Compostela and Tepic. Initially you will be on a 6-lane highway which will narrow to 4 lanes and eventually 2 lanes.

Watch for animals along the road,slow moving vehicles, and cars passing each other. You will pass through several small villages before passing the turn off for Sayulita town at the 123Kms marker, after which there are only two more hills before San Pancho you will see a San Pancho sign on a garden, but you have to go further and At Kms 118 you will see a large overhead sign pointing left to SAN FRANCISCO (A.K.A. San Pancho). Turn here and you will go over a small bridge and be put out on the main street Avenida del Tercer Mundo leading through town to the beach, you will see some signs for Hotel Cielo Rojo and you must turn right on asia street 3 blocks before the road ends.