Reviews for Hickman's Hideaway

Nelson, British Columbia

 Seriously not impressed

Review by Not impressed on 8/16/14 9:39 AM

We sent a down payment then the day before we were to arrive were asked by the manager "how much we gave" cause she couldn't find her paperwork, which for a manager was not a good impression. When we arrived we were greeted by a HUGE dog and told it can come and go and is allowed to be in the suite, which was not something I wanted on a vacation as I am allergic to dogs. The so called beach area was nothing more than muck and rocks and large patches of grass, which the manager spent time being in our way while she tried to dig some out and left it in big piles, which the dog just peed on. There are two large posts in the water where the swimming area is supposed to be and someone parked a big boat against it so you couldn't even float on a chair cause it was in the way. The lady upstairs came down within the first few hours while we were on the deck outside and told us to not smoke while her kids are having breakfast ..... Which literally was very confusing cause the people smoking were outside an a deck and a seperate area. The same lady would wake us up at 6am with her kids running thumping and screaming, we even could hear her smack her kids and then them scream louder. While we were there from a Monday til Saturday hydro closed the roads for 2 of those days and the manager didn't even warn us and one day we didn't even have water, so those two days were wasted. Then a few days after we left we got a call from her accusing us of leaving pissy sheets in a pile in the living room and ripping a hot tub cover, and breaking a toilet seat. This was so laughable as we were all professional olderish family with no young children who just wanted to have some quiet time spent together in the mountains. We all travelled a long way for this and were very disappointed and will never go back. I would not recommend this place to anyone unless you want to waste a lot of money and be treated like you are dirt.