Reviews for Heart of Gold Inn

Southbridge, Massachusetts

 Do Not Rent

Review by Eddie on 8/25/15 1:33 PM

Do not rent this house. Inside stove burners, outside grill, and pool were in disrepair. I wish I saw the previous review as all that was said is exactly what we encountered.

 Horrible - do not rent

Review by Joyce on 9/2/14 5:21 PM

I am one of the party that stayed at The Heart of Gold during the end of July 2014 with a group of close friends. I thought it important to provide some feedback as our experience was very disappointing to say the least. Let me start with our surprise and displeasure when we arrived and discovered that to access one of the bedrooms the party staying in it had to walk through another bedroom. The couple that was unfortunate enough to have this bedroom had to misfortune of having the bed collapse under then causing them to have to move the mattress to the floor with ill-fitting sheets that came off the bed all weekend long. We were all very thankful that the weather was not hotter and more humid then it was. We found out by experience the not only do you have the A/C set to turnoff during the night and the thermostat is enclosed in a locked box. In the spirit of keeping this review limited to space I will bullet the rest of the issues so the readers will get a full understanding of our disappointment: • Bees and wasps swarmed the front door so it became a game of chance to enter or exit the premise. There were also hundreds of ants in the kitchen. • Workers unrelated to our party freely walked around the property while we are renting it as well as just walking in the house without knocking! • The "staff" keeps drinks/food in the kitchen fridge and grumbled about people potentially taking "their" stuff. • There was a camera on the premise and we were never told that there was a camera on this site – another invasion of privacy. • Only half of the professional grill worked; the coffee pot was not functioning; The kitchen cooking appliances which were fussy at best – we could not boil water to cook potatoes because we could not get the burners to light and stay lit. • The convection oven also gave us challenges. The handyman/groundskeeper told us he was aware that the convection oven didn’t work. • Two twin beds were pushed together in the master bedroom to create our King size bed. • There were also potential building code violations that we saw. • We were required to purchase renters insurance in addition to leaving a hefty security deposit. This was also not disclosed To top it all off we found out that we were charged a credit card fee for paying with a credit card – another fee we were never told about. The bottom line is beware…I highly recommend NOT to recommend this house.