Reviews for Hanna RV and Trailer

Oak Creek, Wisconsin

 Bad business! Tried to order new trsiker

Review by Nick on 5/7/15 11:03 PM

BAD BUSINESS!! I attempted to special order a trailer from them 6 weeks in advance. I didn't try to haggle at all with the price, I was going to pay what they were asking. All I wanted was some specific options and to receive it by a specific date and they assured me they could meet my schedule so I paid them the deposit and waited. My scheduled delivery date came and they had no trailer for me, by this time I needed the trailer for work and ended up renting one for $50 a week. When I asked for some compensation from them because I'm having to pay to rent a trailer because they didn't meet their promised delivery date they said they couldn't do anything except refund my deposit. What a waste of time! I waited six weeks for nothing! I'm guessing the trailer never even got ordered or if it did it was still several weeks away from being built and delivered. They really screwed me, I thought going with a bigger dealership I could count on them and I wouldn't get screwed around but this is the worst experience I have ever had buying anything like this. I wouldn't special order anything from them, if they don't have what your looking for in stock, go elsewhere.