Reviews for Gold Coast Car Rental and Cruise and Fly Parking

Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Review by Rubio on 7/3/23, 12:03 PM

"I'm rating Gold Coast Car and Cruise and Fly Parking below 1 Star" here's why. Almost one month ago, I retrieved my auto in the parking lot after an incoming flight in care of Gold Coast Cruise and Fly Parking. I realized my driver's side door was damaged and would not close completely. A business owner's shuttle service guy told me that the night before, there were rain showers and gusty wind. It was about 12:30 or 1:00 am with a little rain. There was no one to talk to to draw attention to my dilemma. I forced the door closed, drove home, and responded the next day. I felt that I could get to the bottom of my situation. I contacted Gold Coast, and they sent me videos of the driver's side door before and after the damage. There was no evidence of a mishap, but suspiciously a jolt or skip in the video at the most crucial time was evident. I was also told that I must have a defective door hinge. After getting an estimate from an auto body to make repairs costing over 2,000 dollars, It was stated that you do not let the door fly open on its own, especially when it's windy. This can cause the door hinge to be misplaced and misalign the door to close properly. Forcing the door to close may damage the front and door panels. This damage had to happen because the driver's side door was closed, and the damage was visible. After my first contact with Gold Coast, I attempted to make contact again once I got an estimate but would not hear from them again. Putting things into perspective, I left my car on the property of Gold Coast with no damage and returned, finding a broken hinge with two damaged panels. I thought my automobile was in good hands.

 Diamond in the Rough

Review by BJAnt on 9/28/19, 10:57 AM

We found Gold Coast accidentally when we got lost and couldn't find the parking lot we planned on using. What a pleasant surprise! It's not much to look at, in fact, we were concerned about leaving our car, but time was not on our side and we were desperate. Gold Coast took the lead and put our anxiety to rest, parked our car, packed up our luggage, charged us a reasonable fee, and immediately shuttled us off to the airport. They were efficient, pleasant, and competitively priced. When we returned, they were waiting for us, had our car ready and made the entire transaction effortless. We now use them every time we fly out of Fort Lauderdale and we have never been disappointed. The same level of efficiency and courtesy meets us every time.