Directions for FireSong Resort Village

Fowler Lake, Saskatchewan


From Edmonton

Take Hwy 16 East
Turn Left onto AB 897 - N (Sign for Kiscoty, Marwayne)
Turn Right onto AB 45 - E Continue on into Sask where AB 45 turns into SK 3 - E
Turn Left onto SK 26- N (Sign for St. Walburg), You will need to turn right at Kim's Gas Station to stay on SK 26 - N
Continue going straight onto SK 699 W
Once you come to the gravel you will have 5 KM until you see a sign for Fowler Lake.
Turn Left at the sign.
Continue straight until you see the "FireSong - Welcome Home" Sign.
Stay on the left side of the sign , follow road to the right until you see the incredible water features and waterfalls.

You made it! Please continue to the end of the FireSong Road till you find the building with the sign The Marketplace