Grassy Point Campgrounds at Escribano Point WMA

Santa Rosa County, Florida

About Grassy Point Campgrounds at Escribano Point WMA

The Grassy Point Campgrounds at Escribano Point Wildlife Management Area are located south of Milton and are situated in scrubby flatwoods near the shores of Blackwater Bay at the confluence of Yellow River and Weaver River. A small boat ramp at the Bayou campground allows access to kayak and canoe trails in Fundy Bayou, Blackwater Bay, Catfish Basin, and the surrounding areas. Excellent fishing opportunities exist in the area. Both primitive campgrounds have portable toilets and bear-proof trash receptacles. No potable water is available and the nearest store is 15 miles away. The campsites are nestled amongst live oak trees, providing shade to most sites but also potentially limiting access by larger recreational vehicles.



Primitive camp area at the mouth of Fundy Bayou with 4 tent-only campsites.


Primitive camp area on the shore of Pensacola Bay near Fundy Bayou has 12 tent sites, some of which may be suitable for RV or trailer.

Bayside Group campsite

A group site that can accommodate up to 16 people and up to 4 tents located at the Bayside campground.

Grassy Point Campgrounds at Escribano Point WMA Features

Bear-proof trash receptacles
Portable toilets

Grassy Point Campgrounds at Escribano Point WMA Attractions

Bird watching

Terms & Conditions

Escribano Point Wildlife Management Area – Grassy Point
General Camping Information

Camping at Escribano Point Wildlife Management Area is allowed within designated Bayside and Bayou campgrounds by permit only and subject to permit provisions. Camping is prohibited outside designated campgrounds.
Permits must be obtained through the online reservation system at or by calling the Northwest Regional Office at (850)265-3676 during regular business hours only (Mon-Fri, 7am-4pm CST). Camping at designated campgrounds is subject to permit provisions (see below). Permits may be obtained up to 30 days in advance. Individuals may apply for a maximum of 14 days (either campground) on Escribano Point WMA within a given month; 14 days must pass before an individual may obtain a new permit after the maximum allotted dates. Check-in for each campsite is 1pm, check-out no later than 11 am.
Designated Campground Information
There are two designated campgrounds on Escribano Point WMA in Santa Rosa County: Bayside Campground contains 12 campsites and 1 group site; Bayou Campground contains 4 campsites. (See campground map)
Camping is primitive with no amenities, other than bear resistant trash receptacles and portable toilets. Some picnic tables and fire rings and/or grills are available at some of the campsites. If a campsite does not have a designated fire ring and/or grill, campers are asked to keep campfires within the designated campsite. Other amenities are being considered for future installation.
All camping equipment is to be contained within the boundary of the designated campsite. FWC asks all visitors to either properly dispose of trash in the receptacles provided or haul out what you hauled in. Please help keep these natural areas natural.
Any violation of permit stipulations may result in cancellation of the permit or in citation.
Permit Provisions
1) The possession or consumption of alcohol is prohibited.
2) Campers must observe all WMA rules and regulations.
3) No more than eight people and two tents allowed per site.
4) At the group site, no more than 16 people and four tents are allowed.
5) All equipment must be contained within the boundary of the designated sites.
6) No person shall bring building materials onto the area or erect permanent or semi-permanent structures.
7) Camping permit must be displayed in a manner visible to law enforcement and FWC area staff or must be readily available if checked by staff.
8) Camping is limited to tents, trailers or self propelled camping vehicles. Kitchen stoves, refrigerators, and freezers are prohibited, unless contained in mobile campers. Lumber, sheet metal or other building materials are prohibited.
9) Permit holder is responsible for the actions and/or violation of permit provisions of all persons using the site.
10) Cutting of vegetation and standing trees (alive or dead) is prohibited.
11) All campfires must be kept within available fire rings or kept small as warming fires only.
12) Store all food and garbage in a manner that will prevent access by wildlife.
13) Pets are allowed but must be kept under physical restraint at all times.
14) All camp fires are to be extinguished before leaving campsite.
15) All trash must be properly disposed of in waste receptacles or hauled out of the area.
16) Littering and disposing of any waste products such as graywater, petroleum products, toxic materials, batteries, etc. is prohibited anywhere in the campground or the WMA.
17) Any violation of permit stipulations may result in permit cancellation and/or citation.