DMASWA (Municipal Service Center)

Dubuque, IA

Small Trailer

About DMASWA (Municipal Service Center)

Select this option if you would like a small trailer of 30 frames delivered to your event location.

The frames come with lids and clear plastic bags. Trash bags are not provided. Regular 45 gallon trash bags may be used in the frame.

Best Recycling Management Practices at Community Events

1. Train volunteers in setting up and taking down the systems.
2. Set up frames and bags the day of the event to reduce theft.
3. Require vendors to recycle their own cardboard.
4. Advertise and promote as a “Recycling Expected” and “Litter-Free Event” through print and announcements.
5. Train volunteers and/or private contractors to promote, educate, monitor and manage event recycling.
6. ALWAYS place recycling units next to trash units. Space units within a 30-40 foot radius where trash and recyclables are generated.
7. Continuously monitor container contamination and immediately remove trash from recycling units and vice versa.
8. Report and celebrate results.


Small Trailer

Small Trailer