Reviews for DFW Camper Rentals

Aledo, Texas

 Happy happy

Review by Sara on 4/5/19 9:01 PM

My first time renting. It was a pleaser with these guys. Thanks

  Very pleased

Review by Mike on 4/1/19 3:35 PM

Had another great weekend at Texas motor Speedway for the NASCAR race. Thanks again DFW Camper Rental’s For another enjoyable weekend

 Clean camper

Review by Mike on 9/14/18 4:41 PM

Rented a camper 3 different times now. Has always been clean and new campers. Highly rated. Thanks Matt

 Clean camper

Review by Mike on 9/14/18 4:41 PM

Rented a camper 3 different times now. Has always been clean and new campers. Highly rated. Thanks Matt

 Great experience

Review by Happy wedding on 12/2/17 5:02 PM

Rented 12 campers from dfw camper rentals for my wedding on my parents ranch they delivered them and everything went great. Very good experience. Thanks again Matt


Review by Offinthewoods on 9/5/17 10:38 PM

I called and placed a deposit on a rental back at the beginning of June 2017. Things were not going as planned and other schedules got in the way. I called back in middle of July and canceled my reservation, mind you my vacation was not u till September 2-5. When I called and cancels din July I was told that everything would be canceled and " he " would take care of it and was abruptly hung up on. Well surprise surprise I reveive a call August 31 asking where we were going again and what time we were picking it up. I replied this was canceled over a month ago. To which I got a reply of,"well that makes it easy." And hung up on again. $200.00 deposit gone. Guess it was a $200.00 lesson.

 Great time

Review by Robert Kirk  on 7/31/16 9:58 AM

What a great experience. Camper was top notch it was very clean and well-kept. They walked us through the entire process from start to finish since we had never used a camper before I'm sure I asked some really dumb questions. But they were more than helpful explaining everything about the camper. We will definitely be back. The thing I was most pleased with was there straightforward pricing most of the companies that I looked at and got quotes from seem to have a lot of it had on charges. That was not the case with DFW Camper Rental's.

 Good experience

Review by Happy customer on 7/27/16 7:24 AM

We had a great time renting a camper from you guys. You were very helpful walking us the how things worked.

 Happy camper

Review by Chris Johnson  on 5/12/16 10:52 AM

Very happy with our last Camper Rental this is the third time we have rented from DFW Camper Rental's and every time it has been a pleasure thanks for all your help.

 Ready for another spring break

Review by Brian warren on 3/8/16 11:10 AM

We just picked up our camper for spring break for the 5th year straight with DFW camper rentals. They were accommodating as usual. But today exceptionally accommodating. It was pouring rain and they hooked up the camper for us and it's entirety and even brought the paperwork to my vehicle to fill out so I didn't have to get out of the vehicle to go into their offices. I felt especially bad since it looks like a hurricane outside. But they insisted that I stay in the vehicle and they would take care of everything. Thanks again Matt


Review by mark T on 8/25/15 3:09 PM

We have been renting from DFW camper rentals for 3 years now always good service and always good prices. I like how there prices are straight forward with no hidden fees. Other places we rented from in the past charged extra cleaning fees or "prep" fees even when we brought the unit back spotless. A+

 nice campers

Review by Joe pyles on 8/7/15 1:07 PM

Very happy with our experience at DFW camper rentals. They delivered 5 units to my ranch for the 4th of july everything looked nice and worked great. Thanks again.

 worst camper experience ever!

Review by L Fowlds on 4/25/15 11:31 AM

We rented a Hill Country from DFW Camper Rentals after finding them advertised on website. It was the WORST camper rental experience we have ever had. The owner was not forth coming with information and everything had to be scheduled around his sons sporting events or limited daily hours. We reserved on the information provided on the website. When we picked up the trailer it was filthy. I spent the first four hours of my vacation cleaning everything. Their was a trashcan full of half eaten food and the oven was a mess. The water in the fresh water tank stunk and was obviously not fresh; it was not usable and the black tank was full and had to be dumped before we could go to the campsite. We ended up flushing out the grey and black tanks with the clean water as the whole trailer stunk like sewer and was not liveable. Thus, we had to do a second dump on the black tank and dump the Grey tank refill the freshwater tank. We spent an entire day cleaning and maintaining this trailer costing an extra $125 in dumping not including our own chemicals we had to put in to get the tanks balanced and the cost of cleaning (my labor and time). We requested a refund for these items or a discount off the $720 we paid in rental for the weekend but DFW CAMPER RENTAL remained non responsive and indifferent without responsibility. This is by far the worst camper rental experience we have had. I will never never never rent from this company again.

 Thanks again

Review by NASCAR junky on 4/16/15 11:11 AM

As always thanks for another great rental. We have been renting from Matt for over five years now. I love being able to just show up at Texas motor Speedway and have everything 100% set up It makes for a very smooth and enjoyable experience every time.

 Great spring break

Review by Happy camper on 3/24/15 10:32 AM

We had never used a camper before but have been considering purchasing one. We decided it would be a good idea to rent one before purchasing. Turned out to be a great experience. It really educated us first hand on what we were looking for in a camper and how everything worked. Thanks to the guys over there for being patient and explaining how everything worked to us.

 Thanks for the last minute help

Review by B Burton on 1/8/15 9:19 AM

We had a water pipe brake at our house During the first hard freeze this year. It flooded our entire house overnight. Fortunately insurance paid for the repairs. But because we have livestock on our property we did not want to stay in a motel while it was being repaired. So insurance paid for us to rent a camper. I called DFW Camper Rental's. I was surprised they had a camper delivered to us and set up within the hour. Turned out to be a pretty fun experience for the entire family. Thanks again Matt for being so helpful.

 Request for Info.

Review by Annie on 12/19/14 3:40 PM

I'm doing research for good and bad experiences with DFW Camper Rentals. If anyone who has done business with them in 2014 and would like to pass along their story, I would appreciate an email.

 Thanks for the help

Review by Doug H on 11/14/14 11:37 AM

I've been renting from dfw camper rentals for both NASCAR races for about 5 years I like there full service. They drop it off and everything is set up. I leave the keys at the end of the weekend and walk away. Always been an enjoyable experience. Thanks


Review by Kelly Wilson on 10/22/14 11:30 PM

Rented a trailer in June 2014. I gave them 2 stars because the camper that we ended up with was brand new. But, once we got our credit card bill, the charge was much higher than what we rented. We had booked the camper a month in advance, and new what our rental fee was supposed to be, but what came in on our credit card bill was much higher than what was the agreed upon price. I have called to talk to Matt serval times, always tells me he will call me back, or he needs to pull the file.... Here it is October 2014, and still have never gotten a call back. What a lack of service. Be warned, what you rent, or book may show up as a higher charge on your credit card bill. We will never rent from these people again, I would tell you to find someone else to do business with.


Review by Regretful on 8/23/14 2:58 PM

DO NOT rent here. Please spend your money elsewhere! There are plenty of good companies out there but this is NOT one!


Review by William S on 6/26/14 10:01 PM

Thanks for a great rental experience. Very helpful with questions since this was our first time camping.

 Life saver

Review by Dan on 6/7/14 10:09 AM

Thanks so much for helping us out with a last minute rental for memorial weekend after the other company we had booked with canceled last second on us. Will be back!!! Thanks Dan


Review by Jim Wright on 5/9/14 9:57 PM

We have been renting from dfw camper rentals for about 3 years now for both NASCAR races. They have always given us a nice unit. The thing I like is there straight forward pricing. I rented from other company's before and got tired of all the add ons. There prices were about half what I paid at some other rental places. We will keep coming back.


Review by BDW on 4/19/14 5:23 PM

DO NOT RENT FROM THIS "COMPANY" We rented a camper for an April music festival back in February. I gave my credit card number for the deposit and was told we were getting a 2014 RV for around 1360 for four days. I called a few days after initial contact to ask for pictures of the RV and were never sent any. I called over a month ago to confirm my reservation and Matt confirmed we were all set with the reservation. I called him 5 days out from the music festival to confirm for the fourth time, and he told me we never contacted him and he didn't know who I was. I had him on speaker for every contact made with two other people in the room and he still denied me ever contacting him. He told me he would have to check with his secretary and call back, which he never did. He would not pick up my cell number or text me back. I finally called from a different number, which he promptly answered. Again he told me he had no information but we would be "taken care of". I called again today, four days from our vacation and again he did not pick up my phone call. I called him from a different number and again he answered. I put one of the other renters on the line with me that heard all the other calls. Matt told me he talked to his secretary but did not call me. He again denied ever speaking to me and said they didn't even have a 2014 to rent. Not only did he tell us we were reserved all the way until out vacation date, he continued to give us the run around so it was hard to look for a different RV company, thinking we may still have a reservation from them. I am appalled he would insinuate that I somehow made up all the things he told me over the phone. Our conversation ended with him telling me that we were done doing business and him disconnecting. This is not a business. This is a crooked company with poor organization and disgusting customer service. This was a terrible first time experience for me and luckily we found a reputable company to rent from and we can still go on our vacation. Please save your money; I now have to cancel my credit card, had to scramble to find another RV four days from our event, and had to deal with an ignorant, rude "business" owner.

 Do not rent here

Review by Cameron on 4/19/14 4:05 PM

We contacted DFW camper rentals 3 months before LJT and made arrangements for a 2014 32' RV. We gave the a credit card number for deposit and insurance policy numbers for the driver. About a week before LJT we called to see what time was ok to pick up the RV, and they told us they have no record of us calling. The guy kept on giving us the run around, about the RV and told us he doesn't even have a 2014 32'. His only thing he could tell us was, "we don't have that RV, and I suggest you cancel your credit card"

 trailor rental

Review by disappointed on 3/18/14 10:01 PM

Picked up the 17 ft trailor and first the water tank was not full so it ran out after one day. A line had split behind the comode and we could not use it.Then fuses burned out so we had no lights till i got some fuses, the battery and water indicator lights also did not work.The generator did not charge the battery also so I had to charge it off of my truck..No offer of refund or even a reduction next time I rent! ..Not a very professional operation at this point...


Review by dianeh on 5/1/11 7:49 PM

When we picked up the rv on Wednesday afternoon we were told that it had just been turned in the day before and everything had been checked and was in working order. The guy we picked up from was very friendly and helpful. We arrived at our destination and hour and a half later to find that the battery on the rv was dead. We also realized later that night that the shower did not work. Two men came out to fix the shower and bring a new battery late Thursday night, they were drunk. The gray water was already 1/3 full by Thursday which could only mean that it had not been emptied like we were told it had been. Then, the icing on the cake was when the generator adapter that they loaned us shorted out and caused the generator to blow a fuse when we tried to use the a/c. BEWARE: You are not renting from a professional RV place, these are a couple of guys who own some RVs and rent them out. The customer service here leave a lot to be desired. Especially for the price. NEVER did they offer to discount our night when we did not have battery power OR a working shower.