Delray Beach, FL

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Delray Beach is an eclectic and artsy town. The best way to see it? Definitely from the inside of a golf cart playing fun tunes! Most visitors stay on the Avenue and visit the Beach... but Delray has much more to offer, in fact, some of the most charming parts of Delray Beach remain unknown to most visitors. Let us take you on a 90 minute tour of our little village. Get to know unknown spots you can visit on the rest of your trip and see local artwork. Get the Insider's Guide to Delray Beach on Delray Adventure's Golf Cart Tours.


  1 Hour Notes
Off Season "Let's See Delray Golf Cart Tour"
(1/1/14 - 11/19/14)
$45.00 "Off Season" rates - Valid until next season... which for us starts on November 25th.