Chesnut Bay Resort

Leesburg, Alabama

View from the top of the Lighthouse

About Chesnut Bay Resort

Chesnut Bay Resort... A FUN Filled Family Resort on Weiss Lake near Leesburg, Alabama. Chesnut Bay Resort blends family fun with outstanding value. This NE Alabama family oriented resort offers affordable family vactions and a great alternative to the hustle and bustle of beach resorts.


View from the top of the Lighthouse

View from the top of the Lighthouse

View from the Lake

View from the Lake

All Lakeview homes are less than 300 ft from the water

All Lakeview homes are less than 300 ft from the water

Mushroom Lagoon !  Paradise for kid's young and old !!

Mushroom Lagoon ! Paradise for kid's young and old !!

Pontoon and Jet Ski Rentals available on site!

Pontoon and Jet Ski Rentals available on site!

Whooooosh ! 120 ft Waterslide for the whole family

Whooooosh ! 120 ft Waterslide for the whole family

Tennis Court, Amphitheater, Volley Ball; Basketball and more!

Tennis Court, Amphitheater, Volley Ball; Basketball and more!

Sunset at Chesnut Bay Resort

Sunset at Chesnut Bay Resort


#05 3BR (NO PETS) Reel'm Inn

3BR / 2.5BTH Lakefront ~ Sleeps 11
VRBO 169079

Daily $290.00 / night

#06 5BR The Heart of the Bay

5BR/4BTH Lakefront ~ Sleeps 14

Daily $395.00 / night

#07 6BR (NO PETS) Southern Manor

6BR / 4 BTH Lakefront ~ Sleeps 17

Daily $485.00 / night

#08 4BR (NO PETS) Dock of the Bay

4BR/3BATH Lakefront-Sleeps 10

Daily $340.00 / night

#09 4BR (NO PETS) Weiss So Blue

4BR / 3BTH Lakefront ~ Sleeps 8

Daily $400.00 / night

#10 4BR Paradise Found

4BR / 3.5BTH Lakefront ~ Sleeps 9
VRBO 117794

Daily $315.00 / night

#11 2BR As Good As it Gets

2BR / 1BTH Poolside ~ Sleeps 6 - No more than 4 adults.

Daily $160.00 / night

#12 2BR Sweet Home Alabama

2BR / 1BTH Poolside ~ Sleeps 6 - No more than 4 adults.

Daily $165.00 / night

#13 2BR Lakeview Villa

2BR / 1BTH Poolside ~ Sleeps 6 - No more than 4 adults.

Daily $165.00 / night

#14 5BR (NO PETS) Pelican Sunrise

5BR/4BTH Lakeview- Sleeps 16

Daily $280.00 / night

#15 3BR Great Escape

3BR / 2.5BTH Lakeview ~ Sleeps 6

Daily $225.00 / night

#16 4BR(NO PETS) All Decked Out

4BR / 4.5BTH Lakeview ~ Sleeps 12

Daily $260.00 / night

#17 3BR (NO PETS) Happy Camper

3BR / 2BTH Lakeview ~ Sleeps 10

Daily $225.00 / night

#18 2BR The Lighthouse

2BR / 2.5BTH Lakefront ~ Sleeps 6

Daily $260.00 / night

#20 3BR Sunshine Cottage

3BR / 2BTH Lakeview ~ Sleeps 6
VRBO 228856

Daily $225.00 / night

#21 3BR Sure Catch

3BR / 2BTH Lakeview ~ Sleeps 6

Daily $225.00 / night

#22 2BR Hidden Treasure

2BR / 1BTH Lakeview ~ Sleeps 6

Daily $170.00 / night

#23 3BR Jigs up

3BR / 1.5BTH Lakeview ~ Sleeps 6

#24 3BR A Shore Thing

3BR / 2BTH Lakeview ~ Sleeps 10

Daily $225.00 / night

#26 2BR Bay Bungalow

2BR / 2BTH Lakeview ~ Sleeps 6

Daily $190.00 / night

#28 3BR (NO PETS) Squirrels Nest

3BR / 2BTH Lakeview ~ Sleeps 6

Daily $225.00 / night

#29 4BR Castaway

4BR / 3 BTH Lakeview ~ Sleeps 8
VRBO 289513

Daily $260.00 / night

#30 5BR Endless View

5BR / 2BTH Lakeview ~ Sleeps 10

Daily $260.00 / night

#32 4BR (NO PETS) Southern Comfort

4BR / 3BTH Lakeview ~ Sleeps 12

Daily $260.00 / night

#33 5BR Bella Panorama

5BR / 2BTH Lakeview ~ Sleeps 10

Daily $260.00 / night

#34 4BR Who Dat House

4BR / 3BTH Lakeview ~ Sleeps 10

Daily $260.00 / night

#43 4BR (NO PETS) Sweet T Cottage

4BR/3 BTH Lakefront-Sleeps 11

Daily $345.00 / night

#44 6BR (NO PETS) Dock Holiday

6BR / 4 BTH Lakefront ~ Sleeps 16

Daily $480.00 / night

#46 6BR (NO PETS) Gritz Carlton

6BR / 6 BTH Lakefront ~ Sleeps 17

Daily $550.00 / night

#47 2BR (NO PETS)

2BR / 2BTH Lakefront ~ Sleeps 6

Daily $260.00 / night

#48 2BR/2BA (NO PETS) Tranquility Base

2BR / 2BTH Lakefront ~ Sleeps 4 - No more than 4 adults.

Daily $240.00 / night

#50 4BR (NO PETS) HAPPY Ours

#50 4BR/2BA Lakefront Sleeps 10

Daily $315.00 / night

#51- 5BR/3 BA (NO PETS) The Anchor

5BR / 3 Bath Lakefront - Sleeps 12

Daily $340.00 / night

#53 3BR (NO PETS) Flip Flop Inn

3BR / 2BTH Lakeview ~ Sleeps 8

Daily $225.00 / night

#56 3BR/2.5BA Lake Lodge

3BR / 2.5BTH Poolside ~ Sleeps 8

Daily $225.00 / night

#57 3BR/2BA Pool Side Retreat

3BR / 2BTH Poolside ~ Sleeps 6

Daily $225.00 / night

#58- 5BR/3BA Lake Life

5BR / 3 Bath Lakeview-Poolside - Sleeps 12

Daily $260.00 / night

#59 5/B Anchor's Away

5BR / 3 BTH Lakeview~ Sleeps 12

Daily $260.00 / night

#60 4B/3B Point of View

4BR / 3BTH Lakeview ~ Sleeps 8

Daily $260.00 / night

#63 2BR/2BA Splashpad

2 BR / 2 BA Lakeview Poolside - Sleeps 6

Daily $180.00 / night

Conference Room seats up to 50

Conference Room. Complete with Kitchenette. Seats up to 50. Large Screen TV; Multi-media Projector available at additional charge

Daily $100.00 / night

Pavilions - 2 to choose from !

Pavilions - Great for Family or Corporate outdoor gatherings.

Daily $50.00 / night

RV Sites -

RV Sites - 30/50 Amp Service. All sites have electricity, water / sewer hook-ups, and WiFi.

There are no Public Bath/Restroom facilities. All RVs must provide for their own bathing and restroom needs.

Daily $50.00 / night

Chesnut Bay Resort Features

Lakehouse Rental . Lakefront Beach . 120' Waterslide . Kayak Rentals . 2 Swimming Pools . 2 Playgrounds. Covered Pavilions . Walking Trails . Multi-Courts . Amphitheatre . 45 to 50 Seat Conference Room w/kitchenet . On-site Boat and JetSki Rental . Deep Water Access . Docks . Boat Storage. . General Store . RV Park . & More

During Peak Season summer months, there are daily scheduled activities and many evening activities for the whole family to enjoy.

Chesnut Bay Resort Attractions

Little River Canyon- approx 6 miles
Cherokee Rock Village - approx 5 miles
Three Golf Courses within 20-30 minutes each
Mentone, Alabama - approx 25 miles
Desoto State Bark and Desoto Falls - approx 20 miles

Terms & Conditions


Online RESERVATION REQUESTS are PENDING until CONFIRMED by EMAIL from Chesnut Bay Resort.

A (2) Night MINIMUM STAY is Required. A Longer MINIMUM STAY may be required during Summer Season and HOLIDAY periods.

1. CHECK-IN/CHECK-OUT: During PEAK SEASON, Check-in time is after 4 pm CST and check-out is at 10 am CST. During OFF Season, check-in is 3 pm CST and 11 am for check-out. Person responsible for Reservation payment is REQUIRED to check in during normal business hours at the Chesnut Bay Office. Parties that will be arriving after office hours must make arrangements with the office personnel no later than 1 hour prior to the office closing. The responsible party for the guests that do arrive late is REQUIRED to check in at the Chesnut Bay office no later than 10AM CST on the morning after the late arrival.

*NOTE - Wristbands are provided and are required to be worn by ALL guests (including Day guests) while visiting Chesnut Bay Resort. This policy is strictly enforced. Lost, damaged, or cut off wristbands will be replaced at a cost $5.00 each.

2. NON-SMOKING: Smoking is NOT ALLOWED inside any house. Guests are welcome to smoke outside except in areas designated by signage as Non-Smoking areas. All smoking materials should be discarded in appropriate receptacles and not thrown onto the ground. Failure to comply with the non-smoking policy will result in a $200.00 charge for additional cleaning.

3. PET POLICY: No other animals beyond domesticated cats and dogs will be considered as pets, and will not be allowed in the resort. There is a $25.00 cleaning fee per pet which will be added to your cleaning fees. Most homes are pet friendly, however, any guest with a pet in a no-pet home will be charged $200.00 for additional cleaning. When outside the home, pets must be on a leash NO LONGER THAN 12 FEET and attended by an adult at all times. Pets may NOT be tied up outside the home. Pet owners are responsible for cleaning up any pet refuse. Pet damage will result in additional charges. Chesnut Bay assumes no responsibility for illness or injury that may occur to pets while on the premises. Pets are limited to one per small homes and 2 pets per large homes. All pets MUST NOT weigh over 40lbs. Guests bringing a pet must have prior approval. Some BREEDS (aggressive) are not allowed at Chesnut Bay Resort. Please CHECK with management to determine if your breed is approved prior to arrival.

4. RENTAL AGE LIMITS: Vacationing students or singles under 25 years of age unless accompanied by an adult or guardian are not allowed to rent at Chesnut Bay Resort. Keep in mind that Chesnut Bay is a family Resort, so please refrain from profanity in the presence of children.

5. SECURITY/DAMAGE: When making your reservation a valid credit card is required to be kept on file as security deposit. We accept Discover, MasterCard and Visa.
The Credit Card on file will not be processed for damage provided the following provisions are met.
· No damage or loss to property, house or its contents, beyond normal wear and tear.

· No charges are incurred due to contraband, pets, or collection of rents or services.

· All debris, rubbish and discards are placed in refuse containers outside between the hours of 7am-11am.

· Soiled dishes are placed in the dishwasher.

· Linens are stripped from the bed and placed in a pile by the bedside.

· No bed or bath linens are lost or damaged.

· Rented life jackets are returned.

· There is no smoking in the home.

· Door keypad isn’t damaged.

· All charges accrued during the stay are paid prior to departure.

6. PAYMENT TERMS: A rental down payment of 25% of the total reservation balance is due within 14 days of the booking date. Option 1, allows a cash discount by paying by CHECK within 2 weeks (14 days) of the reservation confirmation OR Option 2, placed on the credit card with an additional fee of 2.75 % of the down payment amount. This is to be decided at the time the booking is made . The credit card on file will be CHARGED for the remaining balance (30) days prior to your arrival date. You will see 2 charges, one for the cleaning payable to Parham Cleaning and the balance to WaterFox Properties. Reservations made inside of 30 days prior to the arrival date will be charged for the FULL AMOUNT. We accept Discover, MasterCard and Visa or personal checks payable to Chesnut Bay. We do not accept third party checks. There is a $50.00 charge for returned checks.

We have numerous reservation requests and few walk-in guests, therefore cancellations affect us significantly. We require notification of your cancellation IN WRITING at least 30 days prior to your planned arrival date. Cancellations more than 30 days prior to arrival date will be charged a $25.00 Administration fee.

CANCELLATIONS AND NO-SHOWS OF RESERVATIONS WITH LESS THAN 30 DAYS NOTICE WILL RESULT IN A CHARGE TO THE CREDIT CARD ON FILE ON FILE FOR 2 NIGHTS STAY. In lieu of canceling a reservation with less than 30 days notice, the reservation may be rescheduled for the SAME HOUSE to a later date for a $25.00 rescheduling fee, HOWEVER , this type of rescheduled reservation may not then be cancelled at any time without incurring the 2 night cancellation penalty.

CANCELLATIONS – HOLIDAY RESERVATIONS: Cancellation of Reservations for stays that include a Holiday are exceptionally hard to replace with less than 30 days notice, therefore these cancellations are handled differently. Normal cancellation policy remains in place until 14 days prior to arrival. Holiday Reservations canceled 14days to 8 days prior to arrival will result in Cancellation Charge of 50% of the total rental charge
plus tax or $250.00 whichever is MORE. Holiday Reservations canceled 7 days or less prior to arrival will be charged for the FULL rental reservation plus tax. NO EXCEPTIONS.

REFUNDS: Early departure or weather conditions do not warrant a refund.

RESCHEDULING RESERVATIONS: Any Changes or Rescheduling of a reservation (other than adding additional days) will be subject to a $25.00 rescheduling fee. Rescheduling of a reservation for a Holiday stay within 30 days of arrival date will not be permitted (other than adding additional days).

8. FALSIFIED RESERVATIONS: Any reservation obtained under false pretense will be subject to forfeiture of down payment and/or rental money, and the party will not be permitted to stay.

9. MAXIMUM GUESTS: The maximum number of guests per house is set and limited. Over occupancy in any house is subject to a charge of $100.00 per person, per day over the listed set maximum occupancy. This policy will be strictly enforced. Guests are welcome to have a maximum of four visiting “Day” guests on-site per house at a charge of $15.00 per guest per day. All "Day" guests must check in at Chesnut Bay Office to obtain "CBR Day Guest" armbands. Day Guests must depart premises no later than 8 PM.

10. HOLIDAYS: Longer minimum stays may be required during peak seasons and holiday periods, and holiday stays have a different cancellation policy.

11. NO DAILY MAID SERVICE: While linens and bath towels are included in the house, we do not offer daily maid service. One initial roll of paper towels, one roll of toilet tissue per restroom, 3 trash bags, and 2 dishwasher soap tablets will be in the home upon arrival. Other than the initial supply no additional paper products or cleaning products will be supplied. Guests are welcome to bring trash bags, cleaning supplies and any personal items you will need, however, additional paper products, trash bags, cleaning supplies and personal hygiene products are available in the General Store/Office at a minimal cost. We also suggest that you bring beach/pool towels. All resort supplied towels and linens must REMAIN INSIDE the house.

12. PARKING: NO PARKING ON THE GRASS with NO EXCEPTIONS. Vehicles, boat trailers, etc are to be parked in designated parking areas only. Due to Fire Department Regulations, PARKING IS NOT ALLOWED ON ANY STREET. Extra parking is provided in the overflow lot(s) only. Any illegally parked vehicles are subject to towing. Applicable fines and/or towing fees are the sole responsibility of the vehicle owner.

House Rentals:

RV Site Rentals: There is a one time $10.00 Amenity fee for each stay in the RV Park.

Upon your arrival please complete the Amenities Form. Only persons listed on the Amenities Form and wearing a valid Chesnut Bay Resort Guest armband will be allowed use of resort amenities. Chesnut Bay Resort reserves the right to revoke use of any and all amenities for any reason.

· Water Slide; While the water slide is a great amenity, it is a SEASONAL activity and please be aware that its operation and use is governed by many factors including, but not limited to, lake level, inclement weather, and attendant availability. There are posted restrictions and rules concerning who may or may not use the waterslide. A life jacket must be worn at all times. You may bring your own Coast Guard Approved life jacket or life jackets are available on a first come first serve basis.

· Swimming Pools: The swimming pools DO NOT HAVE LIFEGUARDS ON DUTY. An ADULT must accompany all swimmers under 14 at all times in the pool areas. Pool rules and hours are posted. Please adhere to them for the safety and enjoyment of everyone. NO SMOKING and NO GLASS CONTAINERS and NO PETS are allowed in the pool areas. Though we make every effort to heat one pool during the off season, swimming pool(s) are not guaranteed to be heated and are opened as early and closed as late each year as weather permits.

· Kayaks are for your enjoyment and are available on a first come first serve basis. Guests should return boats when not using them for the enjoyment of others. Alabama Law requires a life jacket MUST be worn at all times when using these items. Please return the kayaks to the beach area TOTALLY pulled out of the water and return the paddle to the designated place. Kayak use is a seasonal activity and please be aware that their use is governed by many factors including, but not limited to, lake level, lake water temperature, and other factors.

Use the water slide, swimming pool, and kayaks safely at your own risk.

14. GAS GRILLS: Gas grills are provided at each home. Please use caution and do not move the grill from the location it was in when you arrive. If you run out of gas in the grill, please notify the GENERAL STORE/OFFICE during normal office hours and a staff member will be glad to replace it for you at no additional charge to your stay.

15. ADULT BEVERAGES: Adult Beverages are allowed in the resort with a few minor restrictions:
1) When outside the home or RV, any adult beverages must be in a plastic glass or if in a can, inside a "koozy". ALL GLASS CONTAINERS ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED outside the home or RV.
2) All guests are expected to observe RESPONSIBLE beverage consumption and personal behavior. Unruly conduct will not be tolerated and may result in removal from the resort without refund.

16. QUIET TIME / CURFEW: Quiet time in the Resort and RV park begins at 10 PM and lasts until 7AM every night. No loud or obnoxious behavior that will bother other guests will be tolerated after 10PM. Children 18 years old and under must be back at their rental home or RV site after 11:00PM unless accompanied by an adult parent or guardian.

17. BIKES, SCOOTERS & GOLF CARTS: Bikes & Kid powered scooters are welcome at Chesnut Bay Resort, please remember personal safety equipment is required. Golf carts are also welcome ELECTRIC carts only and they must have standard golf cart tires. NO ATV’s, Bad Boy Buggies or modified golf carts You must be at least 16 years of age with a valid drivers license to operate a golf cart. Golf carts without proper lighting will not be allowed to operate after dusk. Non-motorized vehicles including but not limited to bicycles, tricycles, scooters, etc, are allowed as well, but may not be ridden after dusk, and all proper safety gear including helmets, MUST BE WORN.

The ONLY MOTORIZED VEHICLES allowed in the resort other than the vehicle(s) that transports the guests to the resort ARE ELECTRIC GOLF CARTS. No one under 18 shall be permitted to drive a golf cart within the resort. Golf carts without proper lighting will not be allowed to operate after dusk.

18. RATE CHANGES: Rates are set by the Homeowners Association and are subject to change without notice.

19. RISK / LIABILITY: All of the houses are privately owned; the homeowners and their association are not responsible for any accidents, injuries, or illnesses that occur while on the premises or its facilities. Chesnut Bay is not responsible for the loss of personal belongings or valuables of the guest. By accepting this reservation, it is agreed that all guests are expressly assuming the risk of any harm arising from their use of the premises or that of others whom they invite to use the premises.

20. WRITTEN EXCEPTIONS: Any exceptions to the above mentioned policies must be approved by the Chesnut Bay Resort management in writing in advance.

By my signature or acceptance of the online reservation terms, I agree that I have read and thoroughly understand the Chesnut Bay Resort Rental Policies.