Bella Linens

Calgary, Alberta

About Bella Linens

Bella Linens is located at:

Bella Linens
B14 6020 2nd St SE
Calgary, Alberta
Phone: 403-452-3362


Terms & Conditions

A non- refundable initial payment of 50% is required to guarantee the reservation and will be credited to your order (orders under $300.00 require full payment upon booking and is non- refundable).

Special orders require full non refundable payment upon order, minimums apply per item ordered.

Rentals must be confirmed 10 business days prior to the event. The customer may drop rental order by no more than 10% per listed item 10 days prior to the event date. A fee will be charged equivalent to the rental cost of the dropped amount if it exceeds 15%. This fee is to cover the cost that Bella Linens incurs for reserving the rentals items for this date. Increase of rentals are subject to availability and are not guaranteed.

Final balance due is required to be paid 10 business days prior to pick up of rentals Payments may be in the form of E-Transfer, Check or Credit Card (Visa & Master Card accepted)

Orders that are cancelled 10 days or less prior to the event will be charged 100% of the total rental invoice. This covers the cost that Bella Linens incurs for turning away potential customers in order to secure the rental items for the event.

A change of date may incur an extra charge, Bella Linens does not guarantee the exact rentals as per invoice and is based on availability there fore may require different linen rentals.

The customer acknowledges that there are no warranties on rental items from minor defects, as there may be some minor defects on items from normal wear and tear, that are not readily apparent. These defects do not constitute a breach of contract.

The customer may pick up product a maximum of 1 day prior to event and must be returned with in 1 day after event for a total of 3 days. Products going out on Friday or Saturday must be returned the following business day Monday.

If the rentals are not returned with in the specified time extra charges will apply (20% of total rental per day).

Customers are responsible for rental items from time of delivery or pick up until they are returned to us. All items are inspected and counted upon return. All linens must be dry and free of debris before packing into the laundry bags supplied. Damaged items include but not limited to mildew, burns, stains, tears and breakage. Customer will be charged a damage fee at (3X) rental cost for such incidents. All damaged items must be returned. Items lost or not returned will be charge at the rate of (4X) rental cost. Wax removal is charged @ $10.00 per item. Under no circumstances are you allowed to wash the linens.

The customer authorizes the use of their credit card to be charged for damaged or lost rental items. Credit card information must be provided and is kept on file as part of the customer’s agreement to ensure the proper return of all items (no exceptions).

The customer understands that breach of agreement will result in collection of fees by Bella Linens. The customer will therefore be responsible for all fees associated with the collection process, attorney fees and litigation fees, in the event the contract has been breached.

The customer agrees that this agreement serve’s as a legal binding consent to the contract and its terms / conditions regarding the items specified on the customers invoice.