Carmen's Condominiums

Bridgetown, Barbados

Outside of Carmen's Condominiums in Barbados

About Carmen's Condominiums

Carmen's Condominiums in Barbados have six (6) attached private condominiums for rent. Each condominiums is large, furnished and accommodates a maximum of five (5) people.

Guest also have access to an outdoor balcony or patio that offers an excellent view of the surrounding neighborhood, and many free amenities.

We are located in a lovely,clean, safe neighborhood. Transportation is available outside our property to take our guests into Bridgetown and to other major attractions and activities within minutes.


Outside of Carmen's Condominiums in Barbados

Outside of Carmen's Condominiums in Barbados

View of Balcony at Carmen's Condominiums in Barbados

View of Balcony at Carmen's Condominiums in Barbados

Kitchenette at Carmen's Condominiums in Barbados

Kitchenette at Carmen's Condominiums in Barbados

Room With Twin Beds

Room With Twin Beds


Condo 1 or 2

Condo one is located on the lower level, with an outdoor patio. The condo accommodates five people. It have three bedrooms with contemporary furnishings.

Condo 3 and 4

Condo three is located on the lower level, with an outdoor Patio. It have three furnished bedrooms,bathroom, a private bathroom, a large kitchen,fridge, a family room and dining area.

Condo 5 or 6

Condos five and condo six are both located on the upper level. The condos accommodates five people each.These Condos have three bedrooms...

Condo 7

Condo 7 have one bedroom, a family room, kitchen, private bathroom and dining area. Free W I F I, premium cable TV, Natural gas with gas/smoke fire detectors and hot water via solar water heater and many more amenities.

Rooms for rent

We rent rooms to single travelers and couples.

Carmen's Condominiums Features

The features of Carmen's Condominiums in Barbados include;
-Large rooms
-Free WiFi
-Free Parking
-Token Operated Washer
-Fully Equipped Kitchenette
-Cable TV

Carmen's Condominiums Attractions

Use the interactive map on our website to determine the distance and times it takes to get to your destination from Carmen's Condominiums in Barbados.
Some attractions and activities closeby include;
Spring Garden Highway. beaches The Garrison Savannah. Kensington Oval, Golf Course, Tennis, Harbor Road. Brandon's Beach. Harrison Caves, Barbecue Barn (restaurant). Bridgetown for major shopping. Atlantis Submarine, for underwater sea life exploration. Bajan Roots and Rhythm dance group.Jolly Rogers, Catamaran Cruises. Cheffette restaurants, supermarkets.Sandy Lane golf course,National stadium. Mount Gay Rum Factory.Harbor master cruises and many more..

Terms & Conditions

All deposits made are non refundable. The full balance of your bill is to be paid in full at the property, to the property manager in United States Dollars (cash), before you are allowed to check into the condo.Failure to pay in full the balance due for your reserved stay in cash will result in you and your guests not having a condo or room.

PLEASE, adhere to these rules for your safety:
* No climbing or sitting on the balcony or patio,
* no playing on the stairs.
*Carmen's Condominiums will NOT be held responsible for any, injury/damages guest/s may incur who disregard these rules.
* Guest should keep their reserved condominiums clean always,.
*Do not throw anything outside the windows, outside the doors,in the balcony or over the balcony or patio.
*IIf guests disregarding these rules they will be held responsible for the cost of cleaning.
* Do not pee/urinate or defecate/poop on the inside or outside of the property, all bodily fluids should go in the available toilets.
* Please do not flush any foreign objects down the toilet to cause blockage, as (you) the occupants of the condo will be held responsible for the removal of any blockages that occur in the condo while you are the registered guest/s.
* If you or any member of your party are caught being unsanitary, you will be held responsible for the cleaning of any mess made.
* No partying is allowed.
* No excessively loud noises are allowed.
* No Smoking is allowed on the property.
* No more than five (5) persons are allowed in a condo at any one time.
*No foul language is allowed on the property.
Carmen's Condominiums does not discriminate against race, color, religion or nationality. We expect all of our guest to be respectful toward each other. Any guest who maliciously harasses another guest would be given two warnings to discontinue from doing so, on the third offense the guest would be escorted from the property by the proper authorities and permanently barred from staying with us in the future. No refunds will be issued to any guest who had to be escorted from the property for bad behavior.

Guest with children are asked to please supervise their children at all times. Carmen's Condominiums will not be held responsible for any child/children who climb onto the balcony or patio or stairs and fall or otherwise hurt themselves. Children should not be allowed to leave the property unsupervised, as outside the gates can at times be busy with traffic.