Camp Melacoma Association

Washougal, Washington

Picnic Area

About Camp Melacoma Association

This rustic youth camp and heavily forested 142 acres are 13+ miles north of state Highway 14 in Skamania County, just off the winding Washougal River Road. Camp has 1 duplex lodge, 11 rustic cabins, craft house, pond and canoes, heated pool with bath house, hiking trails, archery range. Sleeps up to 213.


Picnic Area

Picnic Area

Main Lodge

Main Lodge

Cabins / Fire Pit

Cabins / Fire Pit

Camp Melacoma Association

Camp Melacoma Association


Camp Melacoma Association Features

Duplex Lodge
Kitchen and Serving Area
Hiking Trails
Heated Pool and Bath House
Crafts house
11 rustic Cabins
Pond and Canoes
Archery, bb-gun and slingshot ranges
Health House

Camp Melacoma Association Attractions

Dougan Falls
Bonneville Fish Ladders

Terms & Conditions

All youth groups are exclusive use, no other renters allowed during their stay.

Required $500.00 Security Deposit.

50% Deposit Required to Book Reservation. 50% of your deposit is non-refundable. The other 50% will be refunded if cancellation is made in writing, email, etc. prior to 30 days of arrival date.

I hereby agree by all regulations and safety standards during the use of Camp Melacoma. I understand that I am responsible for any damage, loss or misuse to any buildings or other property during my group's stay and any damage deposit may be kept to cover these expenses. I further understand that if I cancel within the 30 days prior to rental, all collected fees are forfeited.

1. Complete all check-in procedures with caretaker.

2. Complete all cleaning & check-out procedures (located on bulletin board in office in Nieman Lodge kitchen) before leaving camp, making sure camp is left in its original or better condition.

3. Obey all local, state, and federal laws.

4. Not move any furniture items without prior approval and return all materials moved, mattresses, beds, tables, firewood, etc. back to original location.

5. Assume financial responsibility for all damage, loss, or destruction of property that occurs during their stay. Graffitti is chargeable damage.

6. Guard against destruction of camp property.

7. Protect wildlife, trees and shrubs which requires staying on trails.

8. Obey all "No Trespassing" signs and respect fences as barriers.

9. Store all separated trash in closed plastic bags in containers away from animals. Take trash daily to drop off point.

10. Follow all recycling rules as posted. Non-compliance will result in garbage fees.

11. Abide by all common sense rules of safety and decorum and not discredit themselves or Camp Melacoma Association.

12. Provide a currently certified food handler person in residence your entire stay.

13. Make small fires only as needed and when conditions allow. Use only estabished fire pits. Fire must be manned at all times. Be sure fire is out before leaving. You must provide your own firewood. Firewood can be collected.

14. Bring no flammable materials into buildings -- including kerosene lamps, heaters or candles. Only battery powered light is allowed. No space heaters.

15. Not bring firearms or fireworks of any kind into camp.

16. Camp is essentially smoke free. Smoke only in designated area. NEVER SMOKE ON TRAILS OR IN THE WOODS.

17. Consume alcoholic beverages only in buildings rented, and only if of legal age.

18. Not bring pets of any kind into camp. Pet owner will be asked to leave.

19. Park only in designated areas leaving fire access around all buildings.

20. All messy crafts confined to craft house. No glitter, paint or beads in Nieman Lodge or Wineberg Lodge.

21. Make no repairs without prior consult with caretaker. Use no power tools without prior consult. KEEP OUT OF ELECTRICAL PANELS.

22. Assume responsibility for lost or broken archery equipment. Provide your own targets, bb-guns, etc. Bio-degradable ammo only for slingshot and bb-guns.

23. Buddy system required, no single youths wandering about. We recommend each youth have and wear a whistle -- for emergency use only.

24. Lessee will supply own paper products, cleaning products and garbage can liners. It is the lessee's responsibility to provide any additional dishes and utensils needed and not provided in the kitchen. All lost, damaged and missing utensils will be charged to lessee. All items to be cleaned and put away.