SCVDS Meeting Space Facility

San Diego, California

About SCVDS Meeting Space Facility

Meeting, lecture and wetlab facility is located in San Diego and meets the needs of small to medium sized groups and can be configured for either a lecture or lab set up. The space is ideal for medical or veterinary lectures/labs, educational events, medical presentations, organizational annual meetings and other small to medium sized meeting events.


Daytime Rental - San Diego Meeting/Lab Facility

Daytime facility rental: $350 - $1000
$350 - self-cater/weekday
$450 - self-cater/weekend day
$900 - Fully catered lunch
$1000 - Weekend day wet-lab set up with fully catered lunch

Evening Rental - San Diego Meeting/Lab Facility

Evening facility rental: $350 - $900
$350 - self-cater/weekday evening
$450 - self-cater/weekend evening
$900 - Fully catered dinner

Terms & Conditions

This is a reservation request only. After we receive this request, we will contact you for details and provide you with a contract and deposit information based on your event. Your space will have final confirmation upon our receipt of signed contract and deposit.