Reviews for Boler Mountain

London, Ontario

 Great team bonding activity!

Review by Nickel City Sons on 10/15/18 6:50 AM

Our hockey team was in London for a Hockey tournament a couple of weeks ago! We had a chance to bring our 19 players and coaches to the Tree Top Adventure Park. Our kids had a great time and will remember this activity as a team for many years. Thank you to the staff for being amazing! Nickel City Sons Major Bantam AAA

 Great time!

Review by jcgwill on 8/17/18 7:36 AM

My 8 and 10 year old grand daughters had a wonderful time at the tree top adventure and zip line at Boler Mt. The staff were helpful and although I thought the initial run through and demo course were not detailed enough, the girls seemed to understand how the belays worked and what the process was in using them. They had a blast and want to do the adult course the next time. A great bonus for us was being able to do the course more than once.


Review by SUPER MOM on 7/3/18 12:16 PM

We brought 3 10 year old girls to do the kids tree top adventure and the big zip. They all enjoyed their time and can't wait to go back. the staff was friendly and curtious.

 What Fun!!!!

Review by Darcy on 5/20/18 8:59 AM

It was a very cool and wet morning. We loaded up the 4 children and drove from Sarnia to London for our birthday adventure day. We were greeted by smiles!!! The young lady who took the children to the training area was very patient and very informative. The full body harness and the belay system is the most secure system that I have ever seen. (if you happen to be skeptical about the safety at Boler Mountain, you definitely need not be). The guides that stayed with the children were very encouraging and helpful. The kids had a blast. That was a few weeks ago now and they are still talking about it!!!


Review by KD on 1/25/18 9:32 PM

Went tubing a young man with long hair pushing tubes down the moutain was on his phone the whole time and told me to take my one hand off the handle and grab it raw soon as he released so he could spin me which caused my neck to whip all the way back and I couldn’™t get it back up until half way down the mountain and no one noticed that or me having troubles standing up and walking straight. I had to walk home and get someone to pick up my car because the whiplash had me very disoriented. I usually have a great time at boler, it sucks that this employee doesn't take his job seriously which ruins the experience.


Review by KD on 1/25/18 9:32 PM

Went tubing a young man with long hair pushing tubes down the moutain was on his phone the whole time and told me to take my one hand off the handle and grab it raw soon as he released so he could spin me which caused my neck to whip all the way back and I couldn’t get it back up until half way down the mountain and no one noticed that or me having troubles standing up and walking straight. I had to walk home and get someone to pick up my car because the whiplash had me very disoriented. I usually have a great time at boler, it sucks that this employee doesn’t take his job seriously which ruins the experience.

 Super Experience

Review by Momma and Poppa on 8/22/17 7:24 PM

We have been bringing each of our 7 grandkids to the aerial course each year since it opened. This year was the first visit for our youngest 7 yr old grandson. He found the height of the junior course very intimidating at first, froze and wanted to back out. Our guide Josh was wonderful with him, giving encouragement and support. He travelled the course with him and was instrumental in converting a potentially failing experience into a solid success. Kudos to Josh

 amazing experience

Review by Joe on 8/19/17 10:34 AM

Awesome time with my kid. the staff were a bunch of enthusiastic people. Worth the money.

 Tree top jr ropes course

Review by Becky on 8/18/17 11:15 AM

Kids had a blast! Workers were super friendly!!

 Tree Top Adventure

Review by CNIB SCORE Camp on 8/8/17 10:37 AM

Our day camp had a blast going there. The staff were very accommodating and helped our campers to succeed the best of their abilities. They were great verbally helping our staff and campers and came up on the course to physically help if needed. Our campers loved the challenges each course gave them. As well they loved the big zip line to finale the great trip we had.

 Tree Top Adventure May 7, 2017

Review by Gee on 5/16/17 6:07 PM

It was a very cool morning! But 4 of us headed over to Boler Mountain for our planned Tree Top adventure. Wearing extra layers, we enjoyed the trek through the course. 3 of 4 were new to the experience and the cool weather helped in that there was lots of time to work through the course. With this early spring weather, the leaves were just unfolding and the sun was shinning through leaving us a beautiful clear skies above. The trillium flowers were in full bloom below the course adding to the beauty. The new comers worked there way through the green, blue and zip lines, while the experienced one continued to the red course. We all finished up with the with a Big Zip. We want to thank the Boler staff for a great day, kudos to Alana the intro course guide, Quinn & Scott who got us thru some challenging moments.

 Tubbing wait times are brutal

Review by Melanie on 12/30/16 5:43 PM

Took my 6 year old daughter tubing for the first time.I specifically asked at the bottom if we could go down at the same time as my daughter was a bit nervous and was assured we could. Got to the top and only two of the three tubing hills were open so there was at bit of a line up. Waited in line 15 minutes and when our turn came was told we could not go down together due to safety concerns. I was not impressed but managed to convince my daughter to try it by herself. Overall we were there 90 minutes and only got down the hill 4 times. The line up kept getting longer and our last slide down we waited 30 minutes. Expressed by concern to staff and though they were courteous they could only apologize for the time delays. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THE TUBING. Some suggestions to the inept management, don't sell so many tickets per time slot, have all hills open and allow people to do down together to reduce the line ups. If you have to close a hill then reduce the number of tickets being sold. Figure out a way for people to go down in a way that meets your safety standards without making them wait 30 minutes for a 15 second ride to the bottom. Hopefully the skiing is better but if it is managed the same way as the tubing hills them don't bother.

 Treetop adventure

Review by Shannon on 11/20/16 10:14 AM

I brought my son and 5 friends to Boler to do the treetop adventure for his 13th birthday. They had a fantastic time. The staff were great, showed the boys what to do, and ensured they were in their harness properly and showed them how the equipment works. Everyone was very friendly and cheered us on along the way. The challenges were fun and the boys loved being up in the trees. It was a perfect party. I will definitely be back.

 Great experience in the trees

Review by Mom of 2  on 8/26/16 9:47 AM

Great fun climbing the trees. I took my 8 and 10 year old and it was so fun for them. The only things were some staff were great but some came across as very stuck up and rude. Also they didn't check to make sure any of the kids harnesses were tight enough or even on properly. All that said it was a lot of fun for my kids.

 GREAT Activity!

Review by MommaChicken on 7/8/16 5:40 AM

I was VERY pleasantly surprised at how great this course was! I took my 3 (yes I said 3) 8 year old kids and the junior course was just right for them. Challenging but not intimidating. One of my sons blew through the course 3 x with the fastest time of 15 mns. My other son did great, a little afraid of the last run but with the encouragement of the ground person he successfully finished. My daughter loved being "up in the trees". Our pictures paint the picture. Now can you make it longer?? Oh and the zip at the end, a great little bonus although $10 is a bit steep of a price to pay for children. Maybe that could be included in the price for kids? We'll definitely be back this summer as momma wants to take a stab at the adult course. Thanks Boler!

 Reaching new heights

Review by Striker on 6/14/16 6:05 AM

33 youth and 4 adults had a blast at Boler. Great activity and allowed many to build some confidence and stretch out of their comfort zone. Ben, Julie and Steve did a great job with the team building activities.The activity was very well received and enjoyed by all. I would definitely recommend treetops and zipping to any group. This was a fantastic adventure and a great way to cap off the training year. Thanks Boler.

 Treetop Adventures

Review by HCC on 5/20/16 7:37 AM

We took a group of Grade 8 students to Boler Treetop Adventures. The students had a great time. However, as the supervising adult, I had some concerns. The students were not given a lot of instruction before being sent out on the course. One staff member gave very brief instructions and then stood back as the students tried to figure out the demo course on their own. I told her they didn't know what they were doing. Her response was that she had just told them. Not very helpful. Then the 35 thirteen year olds were out on the course on their own. We had three teacher supervisors, but there was no way we could properly monitor along the whole length of the course, especially since some were afraid to go up on the course. Halfway through there was one student I discovered that was not even hooking her safety latch on properly. Also, there was no way to come down until you reached the zipline sections. There were some very difficult sections and some students were getting stuck. I could see some staff off to the side along the course, but they did not interact with the students or try to encourage them along. There were a couple of helpful staff, but not many. I had expected our group to be divided up and taken along the course with a Boler staff member. We know now that if we do it again next year, we will bring a lot more of our own staff.


Review by cool on 2/15/16 5:19 PM

Took my kids tubing today had a great time. But the runs need more supervision. Staff are to busy checking there cell phones then watching the runs a little girl got slammed into today with double run with two adults on the tubes. Due to not checkingbefore sending the next set down very lucky she wasn't seriously hurt. To many people on the hill when there's over lap of times very hard to get your moneys worth when all you do is wait in line.

 Staff were okay, policy needs an overhaul

Review by Unhappy Mom on 10/26/15 5:37 AM

My daughter had her birthday at Boler Mountain and we were disappointed, upon our arrival it was snowing and the staff said it was fine to go up (it was a treetop adventure party). Everyone had gloves and proper clothing for the weather so they went for it. After less than 10 minutes one child was having difficulty with her gear one of the clips was stiff and when I discussed this with staff it was ignored. I felt they should have better checked the equipment before allowing the children to go up. Also once you are up in the trees there is no way down you have to finish the course. By the end of the birthday party all of the girls were crying and begging to come down as they were way too cold to continue. Their gloves had become wet and they were to cold to open and close the clamps. Overall the staff did do their best to help with the situation but my daughter was heart broken and her friends hated the party! I feel there should be a way down at the half way point or sooner for children who are frightened or in this case frozen. Also our party ran an hour over the time limit due to the children being stuck in the trees for so long and when we got back to the room to eat there was no staff to help and we had to wait for the food still. I had expected a staff member to assist with the party room portion especially for the price.

 boys LOVED it

Review by Grandma on 9/6/15 8:07 AM

Took my grandsons, 9 and 11, and they enjoyed every minute. The staff were kind and patient with kids and instilled confidence. It takes a bit of effort and they were really proud of their accomplishments, and more than ready to hop on the zip line at the end of the junior adventure. I'd recommend this activity, it's well worth the money.

 Hockey Team Outing

Review by Outlaws on 8/31/15 6:36 AM

Great Experience. Girls had a blast. Would do it again without a doubt considering price, service and overall experience!!

 Wonderful experience

Review by Sunka 1 on 8/30/15 8:46 AM

Took my 10 year old grand daughter and her 10 yeear old friend. They did the junior course and had a great time. The staff were very knowledgeable and took time to train every person there until they felt comfortable to do the course. The girls really enjoyed the day and want to go back next year and take the beginner course. The girls also did the big zip line and had a ball


Review by Mema on 8/14/15 10:20 AM

Took my 2 grandchildren to the tree top adventure junior course. They had such a blast. I was so impressed with the staff with how well they are trained. We will definitely return.

 Ziplining Adventure Park - Perfect Corp Team Activity

Review by Marge C. on 8/10/15 12:19 PM

Challenging and rewarding obstacle courses for all activity levels. Enjoyed the zipline at the end of each course. The 'Finale' ... a long zipline - what a blast! Staff were knowledgeable and reviewed all the necessary safety procedures. Everyone stayed for a prearranged dinner on the patio. The BBQ was a selection of hamburgers, chicken, & vegetarian skewers, salads & dessert. (discuss with Kim what you would like for the meal ... very accommodating). Overall: a great adventure & very organized staff made this team building event a success - Kudos to Boler!

 Awesome time

Review by CL on 8/4/15 7:45 PM

Second year in a row, another great experience. Staff were all friendly and helpful, they seem to enjoy their jobs. The gear and course seem to be in great shape, I felt safe all afternoon. Course takes about 3 hours, depending on your physical fitness level and of those around you.

 Amazed grandparents

Review by Millie on 8/4/15 8:48 AM

We were so impressed by the training and initiation to prepare our granddaughters for the treetop adventure, and especially pleased by the level of independence and problem solving challenges it gave them. We would highly recommend this as a great experience to give kids, and it's something that is enjoyable to watch as they experience a totally different and hugely rewarding quality adventure.

 Treetop adventure

Review by Gramma on 8/1/15 4:08 PM

My husband and grandsons really enjoyed their day at Boler mountain and will do it again next year. The staff was very helpful and answered all our questions. It is certainly worth the cost of the adventure.

 Fun had by all!!

Review by Inferno on 7/31/15 7:07 AM

Treetop adventure was booked for a team bonding event for a cheerleading team. All the girls had a great experience. It was physically challenging and fun. Staff was professional and great with the girls. It was a wonderful event just make sure you wear mosquito repellent.

 feels like home

Review by gorilla on 7/15/15 1:21 PM

Awesome time with the kids. Definitely worth the money to get the kids out of the house (computer) and work out and have fun at the same time. Make sure you wear mosquito repellent they are terrible.

 Overall good experience but a few disappointing details

Review by Army Cadet Group on 6/7/15 7:48 AM

I brought a group of 15 army cadets to Boler for hiking and tree top trekking on Saturday May 30th. Overall I think our cadets had a good time and I was impressed with the course and the quality of the safety equipment. I was however disappointed with a few details. The fitness trail did not seem very well marked and the map was not very helpful. I thought it would have been longer, but perhaps we just missed some of the signage (we saw sporadic blue signs but they were difficult to follow). We were told that we could walk through the trails under the tree top course, but were not told to stay on the main trail. Later on that day one of your employees yelled down to me from where she sat on the bench that I was to stay on the trail. I responded I thought I was on a trail and she said the main trail as there is poison ivy to watch for. We should have been told that before our hike. When the cadets were told they could leave the demo course there was no one waiting at the top to meet them or provide instructions. They were about to go find a different course to start on until I told them they had to go through the beginner course and then follow them in order. There should have been someone at the top to ensure they knew where to go. When one of my slower cadets arrived at the end of the second course (the tarzan swing), she was waiting on the platform because she was unsure of how to get the swing over to the platform. I was able to help her when I arrived but the employee on the ground should have been paying attention to the course. When I came down from the course he was smoking a cigarette. I'm not sure if you have a policy about smoking locations, but I felt that he could have at least waited to light it until the last two people were done the course. Finally, your email mentioned caesar salad with the meal, which was not provided. The girl at the desk said she could try and see if they could find some, but we were in a rush due to the rain delay so we did not bother. Again, as I mentioned, I think that the cadets had a good time and that's the most important thing.

 Tubing Review

Review by Marshy on 3/19/15 11:27 AM

Went tubing there this week and it was dreadful. They allow too many people and the line ups and wait time to get down the hill was ridiculous. In two hours, our group only got 5 runs down the hill. What a waste of money.

 Fantastic time on the Ropes

Review by TD Bank on 11/12/14 8:16 AM

I cannot express how grateful and satisfied my team and I had at your facility on November 3rd. Your coordinator (Jessika) did an outstanding job in accomodating and providing detailed information on what was available, the cost and what we could expect for our experience at Boler. Upon arrivial, we were greeted by an enthusiatic group of guides and support staff. They lead us in a couple of Team building exercises which tested our ability to communicate. Then on to the demo course, that gave us an initial view of what would could expect out on the ropes course. We then headed into the woods to enjoy about 4 hours of amazing and rather physical time on very well laid out and challenging courses. My team has not stopped talking about this and now I am left wondering how could I possibly top this adventure. Thank you again Boler, you made our team event!!!!!

 Soccer Team

Review by The Gunners on 10/6/14 9:44 AM

Great place to bring a group of young boys ! Course was challenging and fun. Staff was strict (quite necessary) but happy to be there. Why go bowling when Boler Mountain is right in our backyard.

 Absolute the Best Corporate Event!

Review by LL on 9/24/14 8:17 AM

We brought 30 people for a corporate event, with varying levels of physical abilities. Everyone loved it! Multiple people have expressed their enjoyment from experiencing something completely different from our usual team building events. I would definitely recommend this to friends or colleagues, and will be returning on my own time with family and friends.

 Fun, fun, fun

Review by Master Mom on 7/11/14 9:43 PM

My 8 year old found it challenging and fun. My 10 year old flew through the course in 25 minutes but found it fun none-the-less. He asked if next time he could try the adult course. I am certain it will be no trouble, with the only restriction being that he just barely reaches the minimal height requirement. The early pre-course instruction is great, especially for a nervous parent worried about safety. The instructors watch carefully to make sure kids are ready before attempting the actual higher level trees. It is GREAT that parents are allowed to watch kids from below the canvas. There are helpful guides present for kids who aren't quite sure what to do. The zip line is icing on the cake. It is a fun experience at a decent rate. We will definitely go back.


Review by lkellie on 7/8/14 6:27 AM

went with my children 12 and 10, had a lot of fun and really enjoyed it.

 Awesome Class Trip

Review by Happy Teacher on 7/2/14 10:52 AM

I brought my Grade Seven class to Boler for the tree top adventure and they all LOVED it! What I really liked was that you don't have to be overly athletic to able to do parts of the course which means anyone can do it. The staff are friendly, efficient and helpful which meant the students had lots of time to take full advantage of the course. The long zip line was a great way to end our day there. I will be back for sure, and will bring my own kids sometime as well.

 Great Birthday Party

Review by Claire  on 11/10/13 3:54 PM

My son had a fantastic time for his birthday party at the treetop adventure park - thank you so much!

 What a Great Day!!

Review by Madill on 10/18/13 7:32 AM

I am a high school teacher and took my grade 9,10 and 11's to Boler Mountain on 2 different days. The weather was beautiful, the adventure was fun and challenging. I plan to take my classes there again next year. Thanks to the staff for making it a positive experience for all the students.

 Great Experience

Review by JaselynB on 10/13/13 11:29 AM

My 10 yr old daughter and her friends loved it! They had so much fun and my daughter said best birthday ever!

 Great Birthday Party for Kids

Review by LulaBelle on 9/16/13 6:46 PM

We booked a junior course party for our son's 12th birthday. It was a wonderful event for the kids. They all had a challenge, but nothing that they couldn't each cope with. The tallest boy was a little tall for the course, but it still worked out and the adult course might have been too intimidating for the first time. I was a little concerned that the kids wouldn't remember the instructions (its more involved than simply being strapped into a harness and ziplining), but they didn't have any problem with it. It was great to get the kids outdoors and burning off energy, being athletic, challenging themselves and working together to help each other through the course. The value is good too. I think this is one of the best birthday party options in London. Well done, Boler Mountain!

 Team Building

Review by Mustangs Women's Rugby on 9/9/13 9:22 AM

We went to Boler Mountain during our pre-season training camp for the Treetop Adventure. We had a great time and found the experience quite beneficial for team building - especially for athletes to get to know one another. The staff at Boler were very good at helping our athletes work together and function in a safe, yet challenging, environment.

 Grandsons adventure

Review by Grandma & Grandpa on 9/5/13 6:21 AM

We took our grandsons to Boler Mt. And they just loved it. They both did the Junior course which was a great way to start. The instructor was fantastic with them and they stayed for a full 2 hours and were exhausted. At all times there is someone there to make sure they are doing everything properly. After watching them we now want to try the beginner course! It is a wonderful place for all ages to get outside and get some needed exercise!

 Amazing place for birthday party!

Review by Twinmom on 8/19/13 5:20 PM

I had my daughters 11th birthday party at the Treetop Adventure and it was a hit! Everyone loved it and the staff were so friendly and helpful! They made the girls feel at ease and safe. Thank you for a great time!

 Awesome Adventure

Review by McGoo on 8/15/13 7:34 AM

My 10 yr old and 2 friends had a great time. The entire experience was fantastic. They could have stayed longer! The kids were exhausted and slept for 13 hours. This is an excellent way ro build kids confidence! Well done Boler!

 Grand-kids Adventure

Review by Grandma on 8/8/13 4:40 PM

I took my 14 yr. old granddaughter and 9 yr. old grandson to the Boler Mountain Treetop Adventure on July 31st. The staff was very friendly and helpful. The young man who helped them put on their harnesses was very funny. Since my granddaughter is tiny they both did the junior course. I was amazed at how well they learned the steps on the practice course. They did 2 rounds on the junior course getting braver and faster each time. They loved it. They want to return next summer and are hoping to be able to do the adult course and the new zip line. It was great.

 Tree Top Adventure Park

Review by Lisa from London on 8/3/13 6:53 PM

I took my son and his friend to the Tree Top Adventure Park to celebrate his eleventh birthday. It is great to have something unique, fun and adventurous right here in London. Safety was a priority for staff and they double and triple checked all equipment. The staff were kind and very patient with my son. The guides explained all aspects of the course with lots of detail and supervised the children very well. The price for the Junior Course was reasonable but the Adult course was a bit pricey. The boys had an amazing experience and can not wait to go back again. July 26/2013

 Great Times in the Trees

Review by Happy Mom on 7/8/13 10:15 PM

Awesome! Besides the fact that the setting seems straight out of a film, very cool! My daughter and her cousin had a great time on the Juniour Course! The demo relaxed them nicely and the strategy, was well explained. They had a blast and were tuckered out at the end too! A great physical experience in the outdoors. Couldn't ask for a better morning. Suggestion - more tree planting events around the new hill to offset the winds in the winter and to make up for those that came down to build the tree top adventure. I looked into this - consultations were made with regional foresters to maintain the integrity of the Carolinian Forest. While some came out, selections were made to remove those that were older and stressed. Great move! Oh yeah! a little more wood chip on the way up to the course - wet summer very muddy!

 Great Corporate Event

Review by pcp on 7/4/13 8:40 AM

We organized a corporate event and took around 25 staff. Everyone had a wonderful time. We had all levels of ability and everyone completed the course to their comfort level. A great team building exercise. Will do it again. Only negative comment was the need to have water either on the course or to be advised to take it with you. Definitely a activity everyone should try.

 Great Experience

Review by Bull on 6/28/13 3:21 PM

Bunch of parents organized an afternoon in the Treetops for 11 kids, aged 6-12. Every child enjoyed themselves beyond our hopes! What a great experience. Organization of day was unbeatable and safety was unbelievable. Guides were knowledgeable and fun. The BBQ was perfect for lunch beforehand and ice cream after was ideal. Great job, Boler Staff!