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Irmo, South Carolina

 paddleboat rental update

Review by sjkern on 6/8/17 7:40 PM

Update-so the matter was eventually addressed on Wednesday. I spoke with John, who was courteous and explained that they were busy. I still feel like it could have been taken care of earlier and that the original manager handled it poorly, but the matter is now taken care of.

 Paddleboat Rental

Review by sjkern on 5/28/17 9:38 PM

Bad: Less than halfway through our 2 hour paddleboat rental, the boat became very difficult to paddle. We initially attributed the problem to a headwind, but then the front of the boat started to tip forward and began taking on water. We eventually had to bring the boat to a dock in order to empty the water. We were able to do so for the water around the pedals, but there remained a large amount of water in the hull-obviously making the boat difficult to steer since we were hauling at least 100 lbs of water.. Upon inspection of the bottom of the boat, it became apparent that one of the seals between the pedals and the hull was out of place, which would accounted for the hull taking on water. This necessitated a rescue operation in which we were towed back. Upon returning to the dock, we sought a manager in hopes for a refund, as we only got to enjoy our trip for a fraction of what we paid for. The manager promptly informed us that the boat was "fine", an absurd claim since there was absolutely not enough time to make that assessment, not did he talk to anyone who attempted to do so. I then pointed out to him the loose seal mentioned earlier, and contrasted it with the seal on the other pedal, which was in place. I also took photographs to document the problem. The manager claimed that he would have a maintenance person look at it on Tuesday and contact me back. I find this claim suspicious, as Monday is Memorial Day and he runs a fairly large risk of sending out unsuspecting customers in a capsizing paddleboat. Nonetheless, I will continue to take measures to seek this refund, and will update this review if the matter is resolved in a timely fashion. Good: Rescue was prompt, and the check in process was helpful-attendant volunteered to hold our valuables.

 Pontoon Rental

Review by Paratrooper on 8/5/16 6:28 PM

Outstanding Boat! Equipment great. Rental made on 1 Aug 16. The Staff is very courteous yet professional---very helpful (especially Alex). Will return soon.

 Better Boating Experience,

Review by PaulzeePa314 on 7/2/16 12:40 PM

Special kudos to the team at Better Boating on Lake Murray. They dock team did a nice job at preparing my family and I for a nice experience. The boat and equipment performed fine and a comfortable "Delta" Pontoon boat was ready fairly quickly. The staff noted a damaged prop prior to our party taking our excursion and promptly replaced with prop in a matter of minutes. Our only downside was a glitch in the reservation system which did not take our intial attempt for a lower cost Bravo boat, however end result the Delta's size and equipment worked best for our purposed. Thank you to the BB team. Keep up the great customer service.

 Great fun

Review by JPG on 7/27/15 1:53 PM

Better boats took great care of us once again this Saturday on the lake. They were very instructive and patient with our first-time paddle broader, and she's a fan!

 Wonderful Day on the lake

Review by Angler John on 12/10/13 9:38 PM

We recently had a wonderful day of boating and fishing on Lake Murray thanks to the helpful staff and quality equipment at Better Boating. The lake level was lower than normal, but the staff gave us extra help on navigating so that we could stay out of trouble. Plus the fish finder and trolling motor made it easy for us to find some fish. The quality of the boat and equipment was much better than other rental companies we have used. We will be back.

 Great Experience

Review by Steve W on 8/5/13 8:02 AM

Platinum level customer service from the quality of the boat, the orientation, the guidance on navigation to the return service, including a pilot from the fuel dock to return dock. Very professional and a very good value compared to what I pay to rent a boat on Lake Lanier in the Atlanta area. We will be back!

 Emptied the wallet-watch out

Review by True citizen on 7/7/13 6:34 AM

Really bad experience. Charged thousands for a scratch on the propeller. It seems they try to get as much as they can from innocent retired people.

 Paddle Boarding and Kayaking

Review by Tabatha on 5/30/13 9:26 AM

Me and my 3 girls along with a friend went out on 2 paddle boards and kayaks and we had a great day on the lake. We have never tried these water sports and you guys made our experience awesome, as a matter of fact I am bringing my husband and another friend out today.

 Great Experience!

Review by Sarah on 6/3/12 1:40 PM

The orientation before taking the boat out was really helpful. I wasn't so comfortable driving the boat until they explained everything to me and after I felt very confident with it. The staff service was super nice and they helped us with everything we needed. I would say the price was well worth it. My family and I had a great day on the lake thanks to Better Boat Rental!