Reviews for Beanies @ Maui's Landing

Lakeland, Minnesota

 Very reasonable

Review by Liz on 8/8/17 7:02 AM

I had a pontoon boat reserved for a family outing. The evening before we were supposed to take it out, two of our family members got sick. As you can imagine, we were all pretty disappointed! I called on the morning of the reservation day, and they allowed me to reschedule for a different day, and still use my deposit. It was a great relief and we are VERY grateful to the employees for all their help! We love Beanies!

 great experience

Review by Sharingjoy on 5/23/16 9:03 AM

We walked in and rented a boat for the evening. The staff was pleasant and quick to answer our questions. We enjoyed our time on the water. Wonderful experience all around. Thank you for being there! Joy =)


Review by Unhappy after traveling across the country. on 9/13/14 1:43 PM

Zero stars if it was possible! STAY AWAY!!! Abysmal management (Kevin). Greedy, unreasonable owner (Gary)! I booked a pontoon rental in the hopes of having a fun 30th birthday celebration with 15 friends. As sometimes happens, the week before I flew here from Los Angeles the weather dropped from summer to 60 degree fall temps. Gary's website states they will cancel the reservation and return the deposit if inclement weather occurs. Apparently the owner Gary and manager Kevin only consider high winds, torrential rain, and lighting to be inclement weather, as explicitly stated by both. I asked several times why this isn't listed in black and white on the website, and couldn't get a straight answer out of either one of them. After two calls to the establishment both men were unwilling to refund even HALF the deposit due to the inclement weather which was beyond my control. Gary also muttered about "forecasts being wrong" and needing to cancel 7 days in advance. Well, 7 days ago the weather was supposed to be great. After he said forecasts are often wrong I asked him about reality, such as the reality of cold temperatures the day of the booking. He reiterated that it needed to be lightning, torrential rain, or very high winds. STAY AWAY FROM THIS BUSINESS. Unethical business practices and grumpy, greedy, unreasonable owner. Now I'm off to figure out a back-up plan for 15 people.

 Just be ready to talk to a brick wall

Review by The people they've screwed over on 9/13/14 1:38 PM

The cancellation policy listed on their website is vague-at-best, listing "inclement" weather. However, low-60s for a four-hour-long boat trip doesn't fit into that policy, according to them. After spending far too long on the phone with the manager, Kevin, and owner, Gary, we were stuck with the bill. They wouldn't even reason, and give us half the deposit back. His reasoning was that "the weather is generally wrong." The money isn't really the point here. The fact that Gary wouldn't even meet us half way is very telling of the type of business man he is. The type of person with whom I don't like to do business. I won't be doing business with them in the future. Judging by the reviews so far, you probably shouldn't either.

 Good place to rent boats

Review by Repeat patron on 8/11/14 10:47 AM

Customer service is very good. They make renting a boat fun, easy, and affordable. We have used them for 15+ years