Antelope Canyon Tours, Inc.

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About Antelope Canyon Tours, Inc.

Vermilion Adventures
Providing Guided tours to WhitePocket, Buckskin Gulch, 1,000 Pockets, North Coyote Buttes*, South Coyote Buttes*

*permits required from the BLM beforehand, we are unable to get the permits as they are non-transferable. There is the online lottery and the lottery the BLM does, in person a day before the day you desire.

reservations in advance are required.
7 day cancellation policy


(1) WhitePocket

at max 8 hr tour.
Tour requires 2 persons.
on-sight we will have maximum 3hrs to photograph WhitePocket and explore.

$200.00 / Adults
$180.00 / Children

(2) Buckskin Gulch

Tours run 6-7 hours
advance Hiking is involved, please be ready to walk upwards of 12 miles or more.
requires 2 persons.

$200.00 / Adults
$180.00 / Children

Terms & Conditions

Reservations are required.

7 day cancellation policy.
50% penalty fee if cancellations are not done in advance, by making a reservation you are agreeing to this policy.

If we don't have a credit card on file we will have no other choice but to cancel the booking.
I can only call US phone numbers