Amazon Eco Discovery

Manaus, Brazil

The mixing of the Waters

About Amazon Eco Discovery


I pick you up at your hotel at 8:00 am

We then head to main port in the center of Manaus, where we take a speed boat, to begin the journey to the east of Manaus, to see the fantastic meeting of the two rivers Rio Negro and Rio Solimoes An explanation will be given about the two rivers and why the waters do not mix together.

We then continue the journey to visit a native family that lives on floating buildings, also there will be an option to fish for the giant fresh water fish, called ( Pirarucu Arupaima gigas) , and they grow to as large as 3 meters in length and weigh 180 kg or more.

After this we continue on the tour, to the national park called Janauri Lake arriving at this point at 11:00 am. There we are going to see the handy craft that is made by natives dwelling there.

There we will do a canopy walk to see the giant water lilies, wild life, and have a very good typical lunch. After lunch we continue on the tour, where we are going to explore the flooded areas, to see more wild life, and also to see the giant Samauma tree. Continuing the tour you will have an opportunity to swim with the pink dolphins. Before we continue on to visit an indigenous native family, It is there you will get to see a native ritual dance. We then head back to Manaus, arriving at 5:00pm.

What is included :

Mineral water
All the activities mentioned above
An English speaking guide
Transportation to and from the hotel

What is not included:

Drinks; alcoholic (are not recommended), Juice, carbonated beverages for these you must bring your own

Things to Bring:

sun cream
insect replent
swimming suits
rain coat (depending on the weather )

This package is a normal day tour other options on this tour are piranha fishing and alligator spotting


The mixing of the Waters

The mixing of the Waters


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