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Henrico , Virginia

A First Class Mover

About A First Class Mover

Wenit comes down to moving long distance dont count on amateurs. A retired former tractor driver/mover that wasnt readybto retire. I put together a solid crew that I'd use to heavy lifting, packing and meeting deadlines. Customer satisfaction is all about dependability, transparency, and getting it done.

Packing is tje most important thing when comes to moving. If you hire a fancu company and they hire kids and what I call jandymen to put a 3000 mile job including packing. Changes are you will incurr a damage claim on the destination end. And get this. Unless you can unwittingly prove which company broke the item you wont get reimbirsed. Just read the reviews. They're all over the internet about Pods, Containers and trucks jeld hostage. I mean I think its a down right shame jow rhe customer is treated these days.

Wjen you call A First Class Mover everything goes into action. We examine every detail of the request. Come vack with a flat rate.A contract and a gurantee. Paument by credit card. A deposit is requored to hold your rental truck. Customer gets all expense receipts attached to contract completed. No claims. No complaints.

We load trailers and transport vehicles. Please be advised pricing will increase. These prices reflect household and commercial moving cross country.


A First Class Mover

A First Class Mover


A First Class Mover Features

Professional Mover
30 years experience
Piano, all types
Expert Packers
Fast, efficient

A First Class Mover Attractions

Jennys Movers is our sister company. When you call just ask to be transferred to A First Class Mover.

Terms & Conditions

Payment by credit card. No cash accepted unless Customer tipns crew for job well done!.