Reviews for Ace RV Sales and Rentals

Herndon, Virginia

 Mid-West adventure

Review by DBarbacci on 7/8/16 11:00 AM

We rented an RV (2016 Winnebago Trend) for a long 17 day mid-Western trip. The pricing was good for a newer RV and we liked that the fuel economy of the unit was 12-14 MPG as we were going to be traveling 4000+ miles. The staff at ACE was very helpful on the details of the units available and provided accurate detailed quotes from which we were able to easily calculate total costs for the trip to make sure we were staying within budget. The unit itself was clean and ready when we arrived and we got a good run through on everything. I camped a lot when I was younger and my grandfather had an RV so I was very familiar with how they work and prepared to deal with minor issues that can happen. We had a couple of issues (loft bed mechanism failed and refrigerator stopped) with the RV that were not Ace's fault but were more in the components put in by Winnebago. Fortunately the fridge incident was in the last few days of our trip and we were able to make due with a cooler and ice. The bed mechanism required some creative thinking to make sure it was secure during travel but all supported by Ace when I contacted them on the road. In fact, Ace did try to get us a repair while on the road but the service center(s) in Kansas City where we planned to spend a couple of days visiting family couldn't fit us into their schedule. Which, by the way, if you plan to RV in the summer and around a holiday beware that many RV centers and mobile techs are quite busy so you may not get service in the time you want/need. So, all in all I am pleased with my rental from Ace and would go back to them if I decide to do it again.

 Very Satisfied Client

Review by Bob Wasky on 5/13/16 6:38 PM

I rented an RV for my son's bachelor party in April. Our experience with ACE RV was 5 star from beginning to end. I initially read several negative reviews on-line and was extremely hesitant to rent sight-unseen on the internet and grilled Ali with numerous questions. Ali proved informative, patient, and professional throughout. More important, the RV was new and clean (2015 big, spacious and spotless), Ali provided clear instructions, and when we returned the vehicle, he made the process easy and refunded our deposit within 24 hours. No hidden fees or hassles...I recommend Ace Rental and would be happy to provide a reference to anyone who seeks one. Bob Wasky, Madison, NJ 917-647-0988 cell

 Great Rental

Review by NM on 10/4/15 11:32 AM

We rented an older camper / RV for a weekend in Middleburg area over Labor Day weekend. The camper was a little older and had more than 100,000 miles. The on-line price reflected a lower rate due to the condition, age and mileage. It had some dings on the inside and out, but they were all cosmetic. It was clean and ready when we arrived at the appointed time. The website review and photos of the camper were accurate. They provided a professional check-out, explanation of paperwork, walk through of the camper, and complete training of all systems. Everything on the trip worked perfectly, with zero issues. Engine had enough power. Water pumps, generator, AC, lights were perfect. We had no issues dumping tanks at the end of the trip. Drop-off was quick, smooth and easy. Documentation was exactly correct, and refund of deposit was prompt and accurate. I will use this company again, and recommend them to others.

 Love ACE RV!

Review by Alina on 8/19/15 7:16 AM

We had a fantastic experience renting from Ace RV. When we first came to look at RVs months before our trip, they showed us some older models and then told us they were getting some brand-new Winnebagos and that they would recommend us renting one of those for just a fraction more. Everything was disclosed up front: insurance, additional costs, etc. When we decided a month before our trip that we wanted to add an extra day it was no problem. They even let us pick up the RV the night before so that we would have time to pack it. Once we were on the road we had a few issues - they were very responsive and supportive while we were on the road. They texted/called to make sure we were ok once the issue were resolved. Never once did they make us feel like we were calling about something unimportant. I highly recommend ACE RV rental and will definitely use them again in the future. We miss the Winnebago and loved our trip!

 Great job!!!!

Review by Pat on 8/13/15 6:39 AM

I have now rented an RV from Ace Rental two years in a row and both times have been a great. Has the RV been 100% perfect? Not at all and there were a few small issues with the RVs. However, Ace has always taken care of them and over the 10 years of renting RVs I have learned that stuff happens!!! I will say that their RVs and service to 1000% better than other National Companies (like Cruise America). I WILL be renting another RV from Ace next year without thinking twice!!!

 great experience

Review by susan on 4/14/15 7:27 PM

Pleasant surprise although I did went online to check the reviews and was really very skeptical but to my surprise not only they were helpful but actually recommended the RV which was less expensive. What we thought we want was way too big for our family of four. Mr. Asghar and Lola did a great job explaining everything. Keep it up ACE RV.

 Just don't...

Review by PS on 8/25/14 1:10 PM

Rent from ANYWHERE else, seriously anywhere. You don't even have to read my review. Just go to the Better Business Bureau website and see their rating of this company. It's an F. We had so many problems on our trip we cut it short. - The water still had antifreeze in it when we picked it up. - We discovered it had ants once we started on our trip. - We got a flat (actually 2) from a non-standard valve stem extension. Had to spend the night at a rest stop until it could be fixed. - The generator wouldn't stay running, until we discovered it was out of oil, and needed a new fuse - We were never shown how the shower worked, Once we figured it out, there was no hot water. - We only ran the propane once, because the smell was so strong we suspected a leak and were not comfortable using it. - We had the engine light go on and had to pull over and put in oil. - The fridge and freezer quit working and we lost everything in the freezer. Unfortunately, the only things my kids will remember from this trip is that we were miserable in the RV. Seriously, I could go on... driver's seat was broken and wouldn't adjust, etc. DO NOT RENT FROM THIS COMPANY!!