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Toyota Yaris 2012 New White



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Toyota Yaris 2012 New White

Toyota Yaris 2012 New White

Toyota Corolla 2013 White

Toyota Corolla 2013 White



HASSAN ZOUHER CAR & BUS RENTAL LLC is your one-stop source when you need transportation services.HASSAN ZOUHER will be your advisor and transportation manager. We are committed to providing reliable and professional bus services, whether you need one minibus or a whole fleet of buses.​​​​

Terms & Conditions

Standard Terms and Conditions of Vehicle Rental Agreement
HASSAN ZOUHER Rent A Car LLC, here after called “Owner” rents the vehicle that is mentioned overleaf to the “Renter” and is subject to the terms and conditioned mentioned overleaf and below:
Owner undertaking:
• To provide insurance cover for persons using the vehicle with its permission as per the fleet policy that is available for inspection. Renter shall have the option to accept or decline CDW and PAI at extra cost as shown overleaf at the time of signing this agreement.
• To keep the registration of the vehicle valid.
• To do maintenance and repair of the vehicle due to normal wear and tear.
Renter undertaking:
• Minimum age of the driver is 25 years and has a valid driving license acceptable to the authorities and minimum 1 year old. Only names of the drivers mentioned in the agreement are allowed to drive the vehicle.
• To pay all dues without prior demand, in advance or as agreed at the time of signing the agreement
• To monitor and bring the vehicle to Owner’s premises for service and maintenance and registration renewal with prior appointment.
• To inform the Owner in case of an accident and obtain a Police Report to process an insurance claim. Insurance excess amount of AED1500 (or as agreed overleaf) out of the total indemnity will be payable in case it is fault of the Renter/ “Hit and Run”/ No third party is identified. Renter will bear entire expenses in case original Police Report is provided by the Renter due to any reason.
• To return the vehicle in overall good condition, without apparent defects/ damages and with all documents and accessories to the Owners location on a date designated in this agreement.
• To compensate the Owner in case the Renter violates the terms and conditions of the agreement and causes damage, loss or theft of the vehicle or part of it due to any reason, irrespective of his or driver’s fault, pay, the amount of all resulting loss and expenses of the Owner (including but not limited to replacement or recovery costs, repair costs, compensation for reduction in value, fines etc and all loss of revenue)
• To pay all rental charges mentioned overleaf within a period of 7 days from due date and accept that the rental charges are subject change for reasons beyond the control of the Owner.
• Fuel will be charged at 1.5 times the actual cost.
• Not to sub-let and give possession to third party and use the vehicle for any illegal or criminal activities.
• Not to use the vehicle for towing, propelling, rallying, racing or any other activities that may result in damage to the vehicle.
• Not to repair the vehicle by any unauthorized person and pay AED50 for exterior cleaning, AED100 for interior cleaning and AED300 for shampooing in case the vehicle in returned dirty.
• To check all fluid levels, tyre pressure and accept liabilities for all damages for using the vehicle below the specified limit.
• Not to drive the vehicle through water and accept all liabilities in case of damages to the engine and any other part of the vehicle.
• Pay for any repair of any damage to the vehicle not due to normal wear and tear and misuse including Tyrepuncture and Tyreand Rim damage and damage due to natural calamities.
• Not to use the vehicle while the Renter or the Driver is under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other substances impairing his/ her consciousness or ability to react. Under these circumstances no insurance claim will be possible.
• Not to use the vehicle outside the geographical limits of UAE unless agreed in this agreement.
• To pay a deposit amount of AED2000 (or as agreed) for a period of minimum 15 days from the date of return.
• To accept all liabilities, and hold Owner harmless for use of the vehicle during it possession.

Early termination/ Possession:
• Owner have the right to terminate the contract and take possession of the vehicle at the expense of the Renter in case the Renter does not pay the rental, fines and Salik within 7 days from the due date, misuse the vehicle, use it for illegal or criminal activities and violate any of the terms and conditions mention in the agreement.
• For early termination by the Renter due to any reason, Renter agrees to compensate the Owner as agreed in this agreement.