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Charlotte , North Carolina

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As for things to do when on the tower, there are many possibilities. If you use our recommended boat charter, the captain is very skilled in making the ride out into an exciting fishing trip. The gulf stream with it’s fantastic fishing is not too far away from the tower and after a long day, you only need come back to the tower to enjoy your catch and play a game of cornhole on the helipad or play pool, darts, cards or watch a movie on our large projector screen with hot popcorn after your meal.

There is also Internet access to connect with friends and family on shore to let them know how your trip is going or send them pictures of your catch. At night, we have either the best and clearest views of the heavens or the bright light of the moon to view through our binoculars or telescope. There’s not a better dark sky for viewing stars, meteors, or spotting a crossing satellite than the Frying Pan Tower’s helipad!

If you are a diver, you may wish to spend some time under the tower with aquarium like quantities of fish schooling around you with everything from colorful bait sized fish to large sharks and monster barracuda patrolling for snacks. At night we have a large light to lower if you want to do a night dive when the ground under the tower is littered with crabs and lobsters out for their “daily” foraging. If snorkeling is more your speed, then you can see the typical loggerhead turtle visiting to munch on the algae that grows on the tower’s legs and if you can catch up with them, pet their algae covered backs!

Of course, you can also fish from the 360 degree walkway that is on the tower’s main level and it’s usually a question of how quick can you reel in the fish rather than if they are biting! We have snorkel gear but you are expected to bring your own scuba tanks and equipment. (Contact us for more details)

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